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Interview with Collateral Splatter!

Genre(s): Chaotic Death Metal/Grindcore
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Collateral Splatter” for your band?
CS: I had the name for a few years, but never had an opportunity to use it. I met Nick (our guitarist) and he and I both agreed it would be fitting for the project we wanted to start. As soon as we completed our first single, we knew the Collateral Splatter would be a perfect fit. We wanted something that would make people think “What the hell?” and I hope we can some day get that reaction from many people.

PSAB: How was the feedback when you released your single, “A Walking Body Bag”?

CS: It was very positive. A few people we didn’t know complimented us on the track, which you uploaded to youtube, thanks by the way.

PSAB: What is local metal scene like in your area?

CS: The metal scene in Minnesota has some very impressive bands and amazing people. It’s a very welcoming and accepting atmosphere and I’m happy to be a part of it. Some local bands that are worth checking out are Don’t Worry I’m a Doctor, Fail to Decay,  and Razorfist. Also, our guitarist’s main band is called “The Broken Are Crowned” and they are very impressive. Check them out!

PSAB: You’re currently signed to Good For Gone Records. How has the experience been being signed to them?

CS: Gone For Good is actually a label created by Nick, and all it is right now is basically a name. He plans on eventually making it into a legitimate record label and signing other bands, etc. For now being on the label is nice simply because we have a name for ourselves that makes us stand out a bit.

PSAB: What bands have played the most influence on your music?

CS: Ohh boy. For me personally, (Skyler, vocals), Converge and Cattle Decapitation. The vocal style of Travis Ryan (CD) and Jacob Bannon (Converge) have both heavily influenced my own style of screaming. Musically, I’d say we are influenced by Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, etc. We are trying to stand out with our own unique sound obviously, but we are goregrind/grind core, and there’s plenty of bands out there that have influenced our style.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers and your fans?

CS: I guess I’d like to just say that I’m happy with the feedback we’ve gotten and I hope that more of your readers will enjoy our first single! Also, we’ve been working on and off on a new EP, which we plan to release this summer, if all goes well. So keep your eyes and ears open! Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk with you.
Answers provided by Skyler, vocalist of the band.
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