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Interview with Chris Roetter from Like Moths to Flames!

PSAB: Like Moths to Flames has reached success in a relatively short amount of time. What were your initial reactions when things started to pick up? Did you expect or imagine being signed to a major label?

Chris: Mostly just thankful that people took the time to check out and support the band. We have all been in bands in the past that didn’t work out so well, so it’s nice to see things move in a positive direction. Rise has been great to work with from the start, was cool to see them merge with a major.

PSAB: How did you get signed to Rise Records?

Chris: I had a bit of a past with the label before hand. I had signed with them in one of my previous bands. The relationship was already there so it was nice to get things going again. Definitely helped.

PSAB: How has the your overall journey been? From start to now

Chris: Some ups and downs but all in all I am very pleased with the path we’ve taken. You learn from the hardships and I think each time we bounce back stronger.

PSAB: What do you do outside of music? Any particular hobbies?

Chris: I am a big video game nerd. Spend a lot of my free time checking out new games. Also a big sports buff. You’ll catch me most nights of the week watching a game of some kind.

PSAB: Give us the rundown of tour life?

Chris: Tour keeps us pretty busy. Unlike most bands, we don’t travel around with much crew. We like to stay occupied through out the day. Depending on time, we always try to see the cities we’re playing. It’s good to experience things away from home.

PSAB: Favorite bands to play with?

Chris: Silverstein, Architects, Stray From The Path, Northlane & August Burns Red to name a few.

PSAB: What are your thoughts on the impact of music streaming on bands’ income?

Chris: You know, it’s a double edge sword. It’s done great in a sense that it puts pretty much all the music you could want at your fingertips, but I think it’s just kind of enabled people become lazy when it comes to supporting the bands they like. Instead of going out and hunting for an album, you just have to wait until it hits the stream sites and you’re good to go. Either way the most important thing is that the music is being listened to. Better it be heard than sit on a shelf.

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