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Interview with Carnival Slaughter!

Band: Carnival Slaughter
Genre: Slam / Brutal Death Metal
Q: What was your reasoning to use the name “Carnival Slaughter” for your band?

We were looking for a name then Mehdi (Our drummer) came up with it and we just liked it.

Q: You’re a slam death metal band, why was that type of music chosen to be played?

We’ve chosen that type of music cause we all share it as influences.. We also play technical death metal!

Q: What one band has the most influence on your music?

The Faceless

Q: What is the underground metal scene like in Casablanca?

It has its ups and downs, we can play anywhere in Morocco if we get invited! Our next gig is in Meknes.. We will announce the date soon!

Q: You’re currently working on your first EP, how is the progress coming?

We are taking it step by step and so far it’s good, thou we have some studio problems, we’ll finish soon

Q: After the EP is finished, and released, what are your plans?

We’re planning on recording an album! Getting more shows.. Maybe visiting the Middle East.. We won’t reveal everything now. Would we? *laughs*

Q: Have any shout outs to give?

Um Shout out to our Manager Dani, our Lyrics writer Anass, Graphic artist Rim , My stoner friend Haytam and all the fans! We thank you all for the support, keep it brutal and we’ll keep it coming m/
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