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Interview with Cadaver Creator!

PSAB: How long has your band been around?

CC: “We’ve been around since the Autumn of 2013. It had been a few months since I departed with my former bands Novgorod & Infensus Inferi (both with myself and guitarist Pete Stroupe) bringing to a close a 10 year working relationship. Then after a series of talks with the rhythm guitarist Robert ‘Chernobog’ McFarland about our love for old school death metal and how we both like to perform said style. We started as a 2 piece while we searched for members and we recorded 3 rough versions of material. Then in the Summer of 2015 we recruited Novgorod drummer Tyler Wooten, who’s drumming style fits perfectly due to our comfort from playing together in Novgorod. We then recruited James ‘Lurch’ Hayes on bass.”

PSAB: Do you find it hard to book shows or is there a strong scene where you’re at?

CC: Its not difficult to book shows due to the large doses of many types of death metal in the SC/NC music scene ranging from deathcore to grindcore. So there’s no lack of bands to book with.

PSAB: First full-length??

CC: “We will have a 3 song demo out in late 2015/early 2016 entitled “Dark Origins”. After that we will be recording our full length entitled ‘In the Garden of Beasts and Miscreants’”

PSAB: What is your goal in music? Just to have fun or something else?

CC: “Our goals as a band are to create brutal and grooving style of death metal that break the boundaries that are set up by scene hipsters and just unify all musicians. Just a working class band who have no delusions of making it big but definitely aren’t opposed to it.”

PSAB: What are band practices like? Or are they more like hangouts?

CC: “Band practices are very laid back. We come in set up, run through our songs a couple times. We take ‘smoke’ breaks, cut up and just enjoy our time together. We have a good atmosphere at The Cadaver Cave.”

PSAB: How did each member meet?

CC: “Chernobog, Tyler and myself played in Novgorod together. Our bassist Lurch is Tyler’s brother and has played in bands with him as well.”

PSAB: Is there anything you want to say to get your voice out there?

CC: “We just wanna let everyone who’s reading this that, Don’t let this world divide us like they want us to but instead put aside ‘scene snob’ tendencies and embrace anyone who has the courage to share their craft on stage. Musicians should be more like a great big ole family instead of a crowd of strangers.”

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    Thank You for publishing us. On behalf of cadaver creator we are very humbled and grateful. Stay Sick!!

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