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Interview with Buried As Kings!

Band: Buried As Kings
Genre: Melodic Technical Deathcore
Q: Your band has two vocalists, two guitarist, and a drummer. Why do you not have a bassist?
We actually have one vocalist. We’ve just had to mess around with line up changes until we finally got set in. We do have a bassist but he left the band so as of now we do not have one.

Q: What is the underground metal scene like in Wisconsin?

The underground scene here is rowdy but respectable. We love to throw down but are always willing to help someone up when they fall.

Q: What label would you want to be signed to the most?

We are a big fan of Sumerian, Artery, and Metal Blade Records. But being signed isn’t something we’ve really thought about, we just play the music for the love of it.

Q: You released a single, The City In Ashes, in 2011. When can we expect new music?

We currently just recorded our brand new E.P which will be released this winter. It;s a six song E.P that we’ll be releasing for free!

Q: How many shows have you played live thus far?

So far we’ve had the chance to play a good amount of shows. Over one hundred.

Q: Which band has been your favorite to play with live?
Either a favorite local of mine Level the City or The Contortionist. Level the city fucking kills it around here.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?

Yeah we’d love to give a shout out to you guys for sure for promoting us and interviewing us. No Passenger studio for recording out E.P, and Kult Entertainment for our artwork! KEEP IT Brutal m/

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