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Interview with Broadening the Daylight!

PSAB: So what is Broadening the Daylight all about? Why the name Broadening the Daylight?

BTD: We’re all about differentiating ourselves from other bands. Ryan came up with the name, it doesn’t really have a real meaning. It just sounded cool.

PSAB: Do you play or plan to play music outside of metalcore? If not, do any of you listen to music outside of metalcore?

BTD: Our music isn’t really metalcore to begin with, but this release in particular shows both our origins as more of a metalcore band as well our ventures into different styles. It’s more in vein of progressive metal a la Dream Theater or BTBAM. We listen to just about everything (we just went to watch Roger Waters: The Wall last night!). As time goes on we seem to grow more distant from metalcore. It was a part of our foundation, but we’re moving away from that kind of sound. We’re trying to sound more like a blend of several different genres and styles.

PSAB: I attended a concert of yours before, and it was full of energy. What do you to prepare for a show? Any rituals you do or special mindsets you get in?

BTD: Practice an insane amount. Lots of repetition. Ryan and Nick do a lot of vocal and drum warmups, respectively.

PSAB: Your debut EP, Theseus, is coming out soon. What can you tell us about Theseus? Is there a story to it?

BTD: It didn’t have much of a concept to start. It started as a self-titled, but we decided that it didn’t properly fit the music at the time. So we looked into the lyrics, and Jake reflected a lot on his lyrics and came up with a general theme of finding yourself, as well as confusion and self-doubt. Nick then came up with the idea of a labryinth as a metaphor for soul-searching, and Ryan then decided to go with Theseus, who in mythology, was trapped inside the labyrinth against the minotaur. Theseus and the Labyrinth is supposed to be a metaphor for a lot of the soul searching a person does in their life.

PSAB: The artwork for Theseus was done by Porter McKnight from Atreyu, how did you meet him and how did you get him to do artwork for you?

BTD: Funny story. Nick emailed him through a contact form on his website. He responded and for whatever reason it went into our spam folder, the worst possible outcome! We eventually got things situated and have been working with him for the past year or so now. We ended up meeting him at an Atreyu show with Unearth and Old Wounds at the Starland Ballroom in Jersey back in April. We got to chat with him about the whole thing. Its been a long journey with the whole Atreyu reunion and everything, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We’re all massive Atreyu fans (Nick Especially) so it’s been a privilege to work with him.

PSAB: Goals for BTD?

BTD: Being a diverse band that can bring a lot to music. We want to be an original band that can help “progress” the genre. Nick would also like to break Dream Theater’s record for most time changes (104 in Dance of Eternity!), as well as writing a 5 second song in 19/32. Next album maybe?

PSAB: What gear do you use?


Ryan: Schecter C-1 Diamond Series w/Duncan Invaders (tuned to Drop D), Ibanez SZ720MQ (Tuned to Drop C). For the studio we used his Jackson RR Matt Tuck Signature for Drop C, his vintage Guild F45CE Acoustic for one song. For live we’ve used a Schecter SGR 7-string (tuned to Drop A). He runs a Peavey Triple X through a Mesa 412 Cab. BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppresser, TS-2 Tuner, CS-2 Compression Sustainer, DD-7 Digital Delay. Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9. ISP Decimater II to cut feedback from his rack effects. Holy Grail Reverb, and the almighty Eventide Pitchfactor, which he uses primarily as a harmonizer, but you can do all kinds of stuff with it. He also has a rack to house his Samson Wireless, a Behringer Ultragraph EQ unit, and a BBE Sonic Maximizer (breathes…)

Nick: Pearl Export Custom Maple. 8×8, 10×8, 12×9, 16×16 toms. 22×16 kick drums (2x). 13×6.5 Joey Jordison Snare (for about half the record we also used a vintage 13×3 Ludwig Maple Piccolo Snare, but live is the Jordison exclusively). Sabian AAX China 18″, AAXplosion Crash 18″ AA Metal-X Crash 19″, Handhammered Power Bell Ride 22″, AA Metal-X Splash 10″. Dream Bliss 10″ Splash (I was offered to try it out and its sweet!) Also, in the studio 14″ Zildjian A New Beat Hi-Hats and a 19″ K Custom Zildjian Hybrid China, and a 18″ AAX Stage crash (retired) and 20″ AAX Studio Crash (retired). Gibraltar rack system and hardware. Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedals. Remo Pinstripe tom heads, Coated CS Snare head, and Coated Powerstroke 3 Kick heads. (breathes…)

Billy: Ibanez S-Series Soundgear (Drop D), Ibanez BTB (Drop C), for live, also an Ibanez Sound Gear 5 String (Drop A). Studio bass tracks were done entirely with the S-Series Soundgear. Ampeg B5R, Ampeg Classic 410 Cab, and a Korg Pitchblack Tuner.

Jake of course uses his extremely hi-tech microphone setup and his incredible wide screaming range to devastate any and all.
Enrique is also too metal and too sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll to share his setup.

PSAB: Any additional things you want to say?

BTD: Thanks for the interview! Sorry for the detailed gear section…hopefully someone enjoys reading it. Thanks for checking us out. THESEUS EP comes out November 13, 2015.

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