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Interview with Breakdown of Sanity!

Band: Breakdown of Sanity
Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore
Q: Where did you come up with the name “Breakdown of Sanity” for your band? Was it at random?
Well we liked the meaning, cause it already shows how we see the development of today’s society…. most people think we have the word “breakdown” in it because we have breakdowns in our sound…but actually at this point of time we had no idea what a breakdown is! and it wasn’t that popular… so the name has nothing to do with our genre.
Q: What is the metal scene like in Bern, Switzerland? Where you one of the, if not, first band in the area to become more known?
Maybe we have to talk about the scene in Switzerland generally… as our country is very small, we have a small scene. so, there have been great bands like Cataract or Sybreed who are known for longer now, although they have their own sub-genre… but I’d say we are one of the earlier bands in this newer generation.^^
Q: You self released both your albums, The Last Sunset in 2009 and Mirrors in 2011. Do you plan to self release your next album, or are you attempting to get signed to a label for help?
That’s not clear at this point of time… we are not against getting signed at all!;) it just depends on the deal and how much we can benefit from a label. So, our backup-plan is releasing it by ourselves again.
Q: On the topic of your next album, do you have any set time in which you plan on working on or releasing it? Will it be as good as Mirrors was?
The last year we wrote and recorded a lot and we’re now finishing the last few songs. we have no set date for the release yet, but some when around this summer… haha yeah the decision about the quality is up to our fans then…. so far we like it a lot and that’s all that counts for us!
Q: Have you toured outside of your country? If so, where did you go? If not, where would you like to tour the most?

Yes we did a small Europe-tour in 2011 and a lot of week-end-trips, but mainly near our country (Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium a.s.o.). But we’re very excited about the upcoming tours/trips like the Impericon Progression Tour or trips to Russia and Israel!! That will be cool! Basically we have no specific preferences… but for me I’d like to tour in Australia or the US…:D

Q: Which band has your favorite to play with live and why?
I don’t have an opinion about that. we had good and bad experiences with other bands.
Q: What are your plans and goals for the remainder of this year? Start work on a new LP/EP? Tour more? 
Our main goal is to release the new album and do cool tours, trips and festivals in summer. and after our release we’ll see where we’ll go…;)
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?
Hmm well, don’t change yourself just because of other influences (like society, religion, a.s.o.), never forget to think, and build up your own opinion! 😉
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  • Anonymous on

    awesome review. they need to do another English review, as I don’t speak German 🙁

  • Anonymous on

    I love your music! You obviously have many, many genres of influence. I would love to hear your influences and I know they are many. I like many different genres and find your music very comprehensive! Keep up your awesome work!!!

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