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Interview with Bound in Fear!

PSAB: You’ve got a pretty fat sound, what would you credit that to?

Bound in Fear: thanks! we’d say its probably down to our writing and influences, we have all listened to underground metal for years and found common ground in deathcore and downtempo music. Heaviness is like a bad addiction, you always want more, so we decided to create our own source. In fact, the band started as a joke side project consisting of just the vocalist and guitarist trying to make silly heavy breakdowns!

PSAB: The UK has a ton of really heavy bands, do you have any favorites?

Bound in Fear: The list is endless, but if we had to name a few that we all agree are just super heavy and awesome it’d have to be the likes of Acrania, Black Tongue and Infant Annihilator, Carbine, Belial, Osiah… and probably a few more that we can’t think of.

PSAB: Piggy backing off of the last question: are there a lot of venues for heavier bands to play at?

Bound in Fear: yeah there are some crazy venues in towns around us- like Agincourt Camberley, Facebar Reading, Sanctuary Basingstoke, Boileroom Guildford and more. there used to be a sick venue in our home town Farnham but sadly after a few fans got too rowdy the venue had to stop putting on shows, which is a real shame. saying that, we are playing a show August 20th at the Conservative club Farnham and it will be the first metal show there, so fingers crossed that could be a new long term venue.

PSAB: The vocals are insane, have you ever layered them just to hear what that would sound like?

Bound in Fear: Ben, our vocalist, is INSANE. people have no idea what is coming. he’s only been doing vocals for around a year and the vocals for deceit were recorded in January- he has come so far since then. We have tried layering, but we use it scarcely on our EP as we didn’t want to create any doubt that Bens vocals don’t need over processing to be brutal AF. But, yes, we have played around with layering and got some crazy screams!

PSAB: The guitar tone sounds kind of fuzzy, but also distorted. Which is it?

Bound in Fear: The guitar tone is created using an amp simulator modelled roughly on a Mesa Boogie Rectifier stack, with an Ibanez Tube Screamer emulation in front of it. the fuzziness is is a side effect of leaving a little too much gain on before bouncing the guitar tracks- which is an irreversible process. it may be accidental but we actually quite like the tone that we ended up with, we think it gives it some extra grit and adds to the filthiness of the track!

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Thanks for the interview!

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