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Interview with bloodoath!

Band: bloodoath
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Hardcore
Q: Where does the band name “bloodoath” originate from?

The name bloodoath (all lower cases) represents more a way of life for kids and adults that came from the streets and grew up having to deal with life’s abuse. We all come together as one through brutal hardcore metal.

Q: Why did you chose to play the kind of music that you do?

All of us grew up listening to metal, but different genres. Metal and hardcore has always been there for us in our life more so than anyone else in certain situations, so we get our anger and emotions out towards the world and its problems with metal. There is no other music style in the world that does a better job than this.

We are not a fashion statement, looking to bag chicks and wearing girl pants, we don’t do this to look cool, this is more like therapy for us in our own deranged kinda of way. Again what has happened to hardcore or deathcore and metalcore has pissed us off a lot. We take it very personal when people joke with this kind of stuff as well, we feel the roots of metal hardcore or any genre core has been forgotten and the meaning of “hardcore”. It was labeled this for a reason and you want to sing about vampires and girls and other stupid stuff you might as well just listen to Motley Crew or Winger or something cause you are the poison rotting the message in this genre.

Q: What message are you trying to push through your music?

The music we write has a message, good or bad, it is still real life problems, We want the kids to feel the music and hear the message. For the kids that have been abused in your life and you can’t do anything about it, come out to the show and throw down! Get your aggressions out. Don’t go out and shoot a bunch of babies at a school, or go shoot innocent people. There are better ways to deal with your emotions, that’s what bloodoath is about and that’s what our music is about.

Q: Any other bands play an influence in your music?

Okay the things that help influence this band is not just a specific band but the whole metal scene, especially local. We thrive off of what happens on the smaller level. We always support the locals man. So our specific band more so is the whole under ground scene, we don’t try and evolve our music around the style of just one band or genre, like we said its a collaboration of everything and everyone. We love our fans and bands and we support them to the end, just as they do for us.

Q: If you could play a show with any band, what band would that be?

Oh haha, which bands wouldn’t we play with, but if it had to be on a national circuit its would have to be Hatebreed and or Soulfly and one that is no longer around, Pantera, stickin’ to the broots!

Q: What are your plans for early (or late) 2013?

Okay 2013 is very busy for us. Our EP Set In Blood will drop Jan 2013. We have a tour booked fo the full U.S starting in Portland and heading out to jump on a tour with Lifecurse (NC) and Johari Window (KT) for a south east tour for two weeks then jumping back on our tour by our self ending in march back in Portland. In May we are going on a west coast tour with Proven from Portland and As Death Comes Calling from Crescent City, CA. We will be on that for three weeks. Then in June we are going to Costa Rica for a six day tour week in the country, we then come back for another month and a half full U.S tour. Then in Aug we are going over seas for 3 months from Europe though India and into japan returning back in November and then working on our next CD.

Q: Any shout outs to give?

Jerry Richardson our investor for helping us out and getting us started. Blaine Wood from Shag Harbor, Will Moss from Lifecurse, Marc Halverson from Proven, Jared Rodebaugh from Jean Claude, and Band Vans for getting us our tour bus. The whole entire underground local metal scene, especially Portland, Black Diamond Studios, Sirens Studios, the suppresion and Susie Welch Hall, Tabacat Photography, Jerbear Photography, Kattie Portland, kouvradio.com, Micah Merz, Nick Rose from Distruction of a Rose, Rose Funeral, Vital Remains and Warbringer and Chris Bianchi from CB Intertainment… AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR FANS! We love our bandits to death, stay brutal, stay hardcore and stay metal and also to Kris Norris from Darkest Hour he has helped support our band a lot.

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