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Interview with Bleed Someone Dry!

Band: Bleed Someone Dry
Genre: Mathcore
Q: Why did you choose the name “Bleed Someone Dry” for your band name?

When we were choosing the name for the band, we were looking for something, for a concept that could explain the great sense of loneliness and confusion in which the human-beings are placed. Men have to survive everyday without any possibility or will to react or change their life. It’s like everything is being dried out our body: money, life, expectations, dreams.

Q: Your album, Subjects, came out in October. How was the feedback when it first released, and do you still get feedback now?

Since the release day, we have seen a great amount of positive feedbacks either from the web either during our gigs. It’s given us the chance to meet a lot of people in the *Music Biz*, included our booking manager from **Nazgul Agency**, thanks to them we are planning our first european tour for this summer.

Q: You’re currently signed to Kreative Klan. How is the experience working with them?

We’re having a great time with **Kreative Klan**, we are always in contacts and we are pomoting each other. They followed us during all **Subjects** productions. We realised the Mix and Master of our album in their studio. They are putting a great effort in promoting our work! They’re a great team.

Q: How is your local metal scene in Pistoia, Italy?

In Pistoia, like in our entire country, people don’t show great interest in alternative music, in our case we don’t see great attention placed in the alternative metal scene. Outside Italy we could see people are more interested in following the *Undergroung* scene, having more people following you, give you the possibilities to organize better and bigger things. Anyway, we have got *loyal* fans and people who are always at our gigs, they couldn’t fill up a stadium, but they are trusted and we really like them.

Q: What one band plays the most influence on your music and why?

It’s pretty hard to choose a single band which is common shared from all our members and could represent us entirely! We listen to very different bands, some of us listen to Hardcore and Math like *Norma Jean*, *Meshuggah* and *Converge*, then there is someone who prefer bands from the Death and DeathCore scene like *Suicide Silence*, *Whitechapel*, *Canifex* – it’s definitely not possible for us picking up one single band that we really like all together. Then, in our songwriting and compositions process we try to be original! 

Q: What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Right now we are promoting **Subject** with some gigs in Italy, we are defining the final details for our upcoming shows in UK, France and Belgium, scheduled for this summer. And, of course, we are working on our next album, writing and arranging new songs!

Q: Any shout outs to give?

First of all, we would like to thank you guys from **Pig Squeals And Breakdowns** for having given us this great opportunity to be interviewed. Then we like to thanks our supporters, our fans, friends e everybody else who trust in us and thanks to **MathLab Recording Studio** 😀 

We’d like to give an advice to all the people who like this genre: go to the gigs, enjoy and participate the shows, buy albums! You are the backbone of Underground Music Scene, only with your support we and all the other alternative bands will be able to record new album, get new inspiration and spread our music through the world!
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