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Interview with Blast Rites!

Band: Blast Rites
Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal
Q: Why did you choose the name “Blast Rites” for your band? 
There wasn’t any particular reason for choosing this name. Our idea was to come up with something short and catchy which could at the same time be connected with the atmosphere of our music. I must say, it was kind of a struggle, but eventually one of our friends coined this name and it seemed to fit us perfectly. We really liked the combination of last rites and the word blast. Later on we found the same phrase being used as a title for an article about an appalling number of victims who died in some terrorist bombing attack. The title phrase did convey the message, and thus became even more meaningful for us. 
Q: When did you get the motivation to start making/producing music? Any particular life moment or reason?
Each of us had been involved in numerous other project when we started the band. What is more, each of us had played totally different kinds of the so-called heavy music including metalcore, death metal, trash metal, hardcore punk and so on. The band was started in the late 2008 when Michał (guitars) and I (vocals) decided that we wanted to create hardcore-influenced death metal music. At first we rehearsed at home with computer-programed drums. Our first rehearsals with the complete line-up began in the mid 2009. The simple reason to start the band at that time was the fact our previous projects had simply split up and we just wanted to keep on making music. The motivation has always been to create the music we would like to listen to ourselves.
Q: Your EP, Suicide Solution, released a year or so ago. How was the feedback when it released, and do you still get feedback now? 
The feedback has so far been nothing but very positive, which, I must say, gave us even greater motivation to carry on. When Suicide Solution got released, very few people had heard of us, so all these positive comments were really surprising. People shared our songs online, and thus the word got spread. In general, people did like our style, especially riffs and vocals as well as the general intensity of our tracks. So far the EP has got reviewed only once but we know there is definitely more to come. Although February 2012, when all the songs were published, was the time of the highest activity on our online profiles, we still get discovered and people still give us their support. 
Q: You’re currently working on your debut LP, what can we expect from this album?
We don’t know yet whether it’s going to be an album, a mini album or just another EP. Everything depends on how many songs we’ll be able to produce by the end of this summer, when we want to begin a recording session. This deadline’s been set because we simply need to publish at least a few new songs if we don’t want to be forgotten. We are hard to please and very slow at putting new tracks together. Sometimes we find ourselves getting rid of some track having rehearsed it for a couple of months. As for the content, there’s going to be some change in terms of musical genre. 
 The songs from Suicide Solution can be described as the fusion of death metal, deathcore and grindcore (so far we’ve got numerous definitions of what our music sounds like e.g. deathcore trash or deathcore without breakdowns), while the new material is definitely going to be more abundant with deathgrind influences. There’s a lot of blasting and fast-paced rhythms mixed with groovy parts, not typical brekadowns though. At the moment we are highly influenced by such bands as Misery Index, Dyscarnate, Burning Skies, Man Must Die, Murder Construct etc. Naturally, we are trying to add some personal touch and style to it.
 Q: What is the local metal scene like in Poland?
The scene is definitely growing very fast as there are more and more bands and a greater number of kids getting fascinated by the heavy music. Year by year we have bigger and more professional concerts and festival as well as big bands putting Polish cities on their tour schedules. Despite the fact that some bands want to be associated the underground, the heavy music is getting more popular among youngsters and gets much more recognition in the media than in the past. There is also great solidarity among band, I must say, as they help and promote each other and organize gigs and tours together. 
Q: What are your goals and plans for the rest of this year?
As I said earlier, our priority now is to finish composing and get our new songs recorded at the end of the summer. We are working very hard on this and that’s the reason why we aren’t playing many concerts at the moment. Sooner or later, I think, we will also start looking for a label. Once the new material is published, we want to promote it to a much greater extent than was the case for Suicide Solution. We’ll definitely try to play more gigs, maybe a tour, and there will also be a new video. 

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

What can I say, just stay in touch with us and be prepared for some crushing tracks that are to come this fall!

(All interview questions answered by Sosna, vocalist of Blast Rites)

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