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Interview with BeheadingTheTraitor!

Promoter: BeheadingTheTraitor
Q: Where did you get name “BeheadingTheTraitor?”

The name “BeheadingTheTraitor” derived from an absolute blank mind, to be honest. My previous channel, “WeSeekDestruction” just got deleted, so I was scrambling for a “brutal” type of name, and that came to mind.
I sometimes hate the name, haha. I find it boring and cheesy. The fans seem to like it, though. Enough to want to name their band that.

Q: What do you do outside of promoting music?

What I do outside of promoting isn’t much. I guess you could say this is all I typically tend to do. I put so much into the name, and the bands and working to get somewhere with it. Currently, I’m waiting to start some courses next year for Audio Engineering. Hoping to develop the skills to make beautiful music in the studio. It’s a passion I want to make a career out of. Also, World of Warcraft. 😉

Q: Who are your top five favorite bands of all time?

Top 5 favorite bands of all time. Man, I don’t think I could answer this with just 5! But if I had to drop some off the head, it’d be the following:

Misery Signals
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Contortionist

Believe me, there’s hundreds more I wish I could add to this list. Those bands have certainly impacted me in some way or another. I owe them a lot in getting me where I am today.

Q: How long have you been promoting heavier styled music?

I’ve been promoting heavier music since the early age of 14. Being 20 now hasn’t changed anything at all, either. I’m still in love with this, and the fire in me still burns to keep going. I don’t know what made me start promoting bands via YouTube. Maybe because it was an outlet for me to cope with things in my life. I won’t sugarcoat anything, but I didn’t grow up with friends or anything like that, So having music to listen to in my room alone helped me get through the day. It’s my everything, my baby, haha. I cherish and take care of it like nothing else. I always told myself the moment I started that this was my calling.

This may seem like nothing to most folks, but helping starving bands gain a fan base makes me unbelievably happy. The gratitude shown by the musicians give me the fuel to keep going. I’m nowhere near empty in my tank.  I consider promotion pages like yours, and fans in general like a second family.
We’re all in this together. We’re a part of something nobody can describe. Metal is all about brotherhood. It’s something bigger than us.

You, the fans, bands and I.
This is a family.

Q: What is your opinion on illegally downloading music?

I struggle to get an accurate decision regarding this question. I believe bands SHOULD get rewarded for their hard work by having fans pay their hard earned dollar, but at the same time, I believe music should be shared due to enjoyment. I think downloading music is a great way to get bands heard and recognized. You’re not necessarily stealing from the band, but stealing from the label itself. HUGE bands barely make a cent when they release a new album.
It’s all about the math. Divide everything up and the band probably receives 10% of all purchases.

The way to go in my opinion is to be DIY. Bands like Abiotic, Aegaeon and Breakdown of Sanity are all examples of this.
They make all the money back from tracks/merch sales. It’s the best way. Labels just provide album costs, recording, and helping you tour, and even in tour, you’re barely making much. Bands are starving.  It’ll be an issue fans will never agree on, nor will bands. I think it’s up to the fan to make this call.

Q: What was your most favorite band that you have uploaded to your YouTube channel?

My favorite upload on my channel. Hm. That, again, is another tough one. BUT I will have to give it to Signal The Firing Squad’s “Abominator” and “Into The Mouth of the Leviathan.” The reason I say those is because of the hard push me and the fans gave to have them agree to be on BTT. My fans did an amazing job persuading them to upload their tracks on my channel. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Having been a listener of theirs for years, and finally uploading their newer material made me absolutely ecstatic.  I felt like what I was doing was going somewhere, and onto bigger place. So yes, Signal The Firing Squad’s tracks on my channel would be my favorite!

Q: What are your views on other Facebook promoters that purchase “likes?”

Promoters who buy Facebook “likes.” My thoughts on that tend to get me pissed off more than anything. Not only for promotion pages, but band pages, as well. Being a page who never promotes myself whatsoever,  but only through a YouTube description link, I take offense to it greatly. I’m putting in my all and trying to make this page something amazing, but when I hear of pages buying “likes,” it absolutely rubs me the wrong way. I can’t explain it. It’s false advertising, it’s fake in every aspect.

Earn your fucking way in this music scene, don’t be a bitch and take a shortcut.
Quality > Quantity

Q: Any persons, companies, or bands that your would like to give a shout out to?

I’d like to thank you for giving me this interview opportunity. I’m not used to giving them, so it’s nice once in a while. Greatly appreciated, Micah.

Most and foremost, I’d like to thank each person who’s subscribed, and liked me on Facebook. You guys are amazing, and you’re helping bands in a tremendous way. So much respect go to them. I’ll continue to do this until I croak over and die. I’ll protect what I do ’til the very end. This is my life and I’m sharing it with thousands of people.

Thank you, Pig Squeals & Breakdowns! <3

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