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Interview with Awaken The Insanity!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Chesapeake, Ohio
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Awaken To Insanity” for your band?
ATI: Our band name “awaken to insanity” it came from an ex member of the band. We picked this name because there’s a little bit of hell in all our life’s. You know never know what crazy thing is gonna hit you from one day to the next.
PSAB: Your general manager is Nicholous Thomas. How is the experience with him managing your band?
ATI: Nich was a great manager when he was managing us. We ran out of money and no longer have the money to pay for his services. Nich is no longer our manager. Sorry for the mix up.
PSAB: How the metal scene in Chesapeake, Ohio?
ATI: The scene in Chesapeake, OH it’s damaged but slowly fixing itself and now we’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful people with us to play with. Shoutouts to Goodbye Utah Ohio on Hi and Await The Skyline for being such great friends!
PSAB: If you could share the stage with any band, ever, which band would that be and why?
ATI: If we could share the stage with any band we’d like to share it with Chelsea grin or pierce the veil both are great bands and we’d love to play with them.
PSAB: What plays an influence on your music? This can be non-music related.
ATI: The thing that influences our music are bad things in the world we are constantly all about helping our fans through anything and everything. Our EP “I’m in love with the end of my road” Is more centered around self harm and depression and helping our fans out of a dark place
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
ATI: Shout outs? Sure. Thanks to 1000+ that are out there. Thanks to our parents who have spent countless hours putting up with our crap. (Practices, driving, and buying our Merch). We are more than blessed to have all of our fans. Special thanks to Jesse wall of rogue recording studio for putting out our first track titled “you are not alone” and even bigger thanks to Joey Geneseo who is currently recording “I’m in love with the end of my road” 
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