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Interview with Avenge The Sin!

Genre(s): Deathcore
Location: Cairns, QLD
PSAB: Where does the band name “Avenge The Sin” come from exactly?
ATS: The name Avenge The Sin came
from us throwing out words that we thought sounded cool, because we had a
gig coming up and no name and we were really desperate for one and it
kinda stuck, its kind of a love hate relationship between the band and
the name.
PSAB: You recently released a single, “Enthrone of a Tyrant.” How has the feedback been for that?
ATS: The feedback has been
really good and positive, coming from a band that hasn’t released
anything ever. Its great seeing people and pages share it even tho its
only still in pre-production form, its good that people dig it, we’ve
been working too hard and long for the material on this EP.

PSAB: Your
band has been already since 2010, but only gaining momentum in 2014.
Why do you think it’s been starting now and earlier on?

ATS: At first we started out as a
hobby, none of us barely knew how to play our instruments so it has been
a bit of trial and error for our sound and style. After the first show
we just kept getting more and more gigs until we were opening for the
bigger touring bands. 

There was many lineup changes along the way but
once we felt comfortable we decided to record a demo with Cory from A
Night in Texas, but we didn’t end up finishing that Demo, so we started
writing a bigger better EP last year. But there has been a lot of
setbacks with it such as our home studio getting flooded by Cyclone ITA,
we should begin tracking the rest of it this month.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Cairns, QLD?
ATS: Back in the day when we were
kids going to shows it was a thriving scene that just kept growing,
until venues started shutting down that’s when the scene started to
decline a little, there’s still a good dedicated metal following in
Cairns and especially when the bigger bands come down that’s when it
attracts more people, but nothing beats those early years.
PSAB: If you had the chance to have one vocalist featured on one of your tracks, which vocalist would that be?
ATS: For the EP we are do have a
few vocalists in mind that we’d want to work with, but you guys will
just have to wait and see for that one. Personally if we got the chance
to feature any vocalists I’d really love to have Rhys
Giles from resist the thought, just because his vocals are
so different and brutal I think it would just add some brutal flavor to
the song.

PSAB: Have anything to say to the readers out there?

ATS: Sure do. If you haven’t
heard of us before check out our first single its on YouTube and also up
for download on Triple J Unearthed. If you dig our sound please share
it, chuck us a like on Facebook to stay up to date on the EP, and we
also do really love feedback so comment, post on our wall ETC. Also our
guitarist Jake is a designer for bands so check out Well Above Hell
Designs on Facebook if your band is looking for any great artwork.
Cheers Everyone.
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