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Interview with At Night They Return!

Band: At Night They Return
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “At Night They Return” come from?
 Phillip and Joesph wrote a old song last year, they started working after school and by the time that had stopped jamming it was totally dark outside and from out of no where Joesph lets out a primal scream of “At Night They Return”. It was really just a random chance of mindset for the guys at the time.
Q: At Night They Return just started last month (March, 2013). Why did you start so late and not earlier?
 Well the original At Night They Return was started by Joesph Goad (guitar) and Phillip Miller (vocals) in 2009 with completely different members and it never got fully off the ground, Matt Hall (guitar) and Justin Sells (drums) have been doing many different bands together since 2007 and met up with Joshua Reece “Llama” (bass) in late 2011. About a year later Phil, Matt, Justin and Josh ended up all playing in band together but were not happy with the direction the music was going. The idea came about to reform with Joesph joining on guitar under their old band name and make the music we all wanted to make.
Q: What is the local metal scene like in Kingsport, TN?
Its something we are honestly trying to fix, Kingsport really only has one place to play at and it is exclusive to christian bands. So in order to play shows we have to travel about 30 minutes to Johnson City which is the closest place. We also have plans to go to Asheville and Knoxville in the near future, just tying to get our sound to a more broad audience by playing towns with a college crowd. A lot of Kingsports metal bands dont really make it that far due to the fact you have to have a good transportation set up to play somewhere because unless your playing a house party there is not a place for you book a show at in town.
Q: What are your influences for your music? It could be bands or not related to music.
For the most part we make music because we all want it to be our lifes work to be in a successfull touring and recording band. But our influences vary from band members as reasons to play, we intend to make music for other disenfranchised people who feel angry, alienated or different. We write about many different subjects, Emotions from day to day living as weird kids living in the bible belt, hypocrits, the injustice of todays society, the government. 
We as a whole love a lot of different music influences ranging from classic rock,east bay and hardcore punk, psy trance, industrial, and of course we really love heavy and aggressive music of all types. We strive to make a blend of hardcore and death metal that is coming to be known in the scene as deathcore, but this not a carbon copy of other bands call themselves a whatevercore, this is us putting our anger and hate into our instruments and getting it all to flow together.
Q: If you could be signed to any record label, which label would it be and why?

 We Are Triumphant  because they have very diverse group bands and we feel we could really fit in with everything they stand for as a label. We all are really big fans of Black Tongue and Infant Annihilator.

Q: What are your goals and/or plans for this year?
 Record our promotional track and get them on our facebook. Record our initial EP. Play as many shows in as many places as we possibly can. Get signed by We Are Triumphant. Have as much fun and lose a lot of brain cells while doing all of the above.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?
 We have to say thank you so much from all of us for you guys for taking the time to give this interview. We would also like to thank Jean and Jeff Reece, Llama’s parents, for supporting us in every way possible, without them none of this would have made it very far. Shout out also for Mr Devin Purty who we are working with recording tracks right now in is home studio,and to Ms. Kelsey Luciano for her excellent photography. Thank you to The Hideaway in Johnson City for giving us our first show. Last but definatly not least Thank You so much to everybody who has taken the time to check out and support our band, it really means a lot to us, we love all the fans we have gained in such a short time.
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  • Anonymous on

    Absolutely an amazing band,…….BRUTAL!!…. check em out and show your support people!!! i command u!! m/m/ ~Sid~ (vox of Annabell Leigh)

    • Anonymous on

      agreed absolutely amazing group of people

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