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Interview with As a Conceit!

PSAB: I love the album artwork. What were you trying to get across with the artwork? Do you think it accurately represents the musical content?

AAC: The artwork is a work of an amazingly talented french visual artist called Dehn Sora. We loved his dark, macabre and somehow melancholic works, so we hit him up and discussed with him about the different topics we speak about in the record, and after a while we came up with this idea, and we personally think that he couldn’t have represented it in any better way. The artwork is meant to mainly depict the feeling of being continuously stabbed by the disillusioned realization of being what we all are, that is just provisional entities incorporating the causality of existence without any kind of purpose or goal itself.

PSAB: How do you describe the Italian music scene in general? The metal scene?

AAC: The Italian music scene is full of amazing and talented musical artists from every kind of background and music genre. The scene is pretty vivid with many venues and concerts going on very often. It’s a very stimulating enviroment for the ones that likes to enjoy live music perfomances in general, to build some personal musical culture and also just for knowing new people and musicians. Talking about the metal scene, we think the one we have here in Italy is one of the best in Europe. There are many amazingly talented bands that produce astounding works of music. We recently got the honor to be supported by two of these bands during the release show for ‘Frown Upon Us’: Despite Exile (Lifeforce Records) and Fall Of Minerva (Basick Records). We suggest you to take some time to discover their music.

PSAB: Why did you pick the name “Frown Upon Us” for the album?

AAC: This album name come from the feeling of being frowned upon (here the name of the record itself) because of the externalization of some thoughts and ideas about life and existence that are just more disillused and “negative” than the average ones we all are used to hear.

PSAB: Do you individually purchase physical copies of your favorite music? Why or why not?

AAC: Yeah we usually do, we love to directly support musicians and bands by buying their merch, in fact the majority of clothing we wear or own is made up of band tees. We think that buying a CD from a band at a show (when possible), is the most intimate way to support the artist and for saying “Thank you for what you do”.


As a Conceit’s Links: Bandcamp and Facebook

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