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Interview with AngelMaker!

Band: AngelMaker
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where did you guys get the name “Angelmaker” from?

Casey: We used to be called The Human Condition, before we even broke into the deathcore scene. We had to change our name because a band already got signed under that name, and we chose from a list of names that we all thought were fairly bad ass. We couldn’t decide, so we gave up and somehow AngelMaker just happened.

Q: Why did you choose to play the style of music that you do?

Jesse: We chose to play a brutal style of music, because every member of the band has been heavily influenced by much more intense acts. Our influences are numerous but we all have an appreciation for death metal, deathcore, hardcore and the like.

Q: What were your favorite bands growing up, and do any of those bands influence your music now?

Jesse and Casey: We both began with much “lighter” styles of music, with bands such as Billy Talent and Atreyu really breaking us in to the scene. We slowly progressed to heavier and heavier stuff, like Carnifex and Lamb of God. At a certain point, every last one of the band members was obsessed with the Black Dahlia Murder, and bands like Thy Art is Murder, I Declare War, Wretched, and Suicide Silence all played a huge role in shaping the music we create.

Q: Favorite artist that is not in the same genre?

Jesse: Well I love Being As An Ocean right now, and their latest release Dear G-D is has definitely established a spot in my top 10 of all time. They’re not TOO far from being in different genre’s, but they have a distinct feel 


Casey: System of a Down.

Q: Have you had the chance to play live? If so, how did it compare to playing in the studio?

Casey and Jesse: We play live too much for just local shows. Our latest show, “Let’s Get Weird Fest” had an incredible turnout, and the crowd reception was unbelievable. The studio however was a great experience; working with Curtis Buckoll at Rain City Recorders was an absolute dream! He took every last input from every member into account and he truly made it “our” album. Compartively, the studio doesn’t quite live up to a chanting and moshing crowd, but we will be going back sometime next year.

Q: Does your family or friends support the style of music you play?

Jesse: Well I quit every other commitment in my life (basketball) to play in the band, and my father essentially threw the basketball budget towards studio time.

Q: How was working with Galactic Pegasus?

Casey: Playing live with them is sick and they’re all really great dude, but we’re not really involved with them on the internet scene apart from Mike tearing it up in his vocal covers.

Q: Do you do anything else besides playing music? School? Job? Hobbies?

Casey: Yea, Jesse and I are both in school; grade 12, and the rest of them are working up a storm, fresh out of high school.

Q: Opinions on illegally downloading music?

Jesse: Well Mike and I personally both purchase the music/merch from bands that we really appreciate, but we know that our EP will be spread online and downloaded if enough blogs get to it. We’re not very disturbed by this however, it just means our music is reaching a greater audience.

Casey: If there is one song from a band that I like and not too fond of the rest, I’ll illegally download it, but I know the struggle of selling music and with deathcore and all the genres around it, it’s a whore and a half to make money.

Any bands, companies, or individuals you would like to give a shout out to?

We’ll throw some shout outs to our local boys in Argent Strand, Icosian, Galactic Pegasus, Dawning of the Inferno, and the rest of all the awesome bands we’ve played with over our last few years. Shout outs to Suicide Silence and every last family member, friend or fan of Mitchel Lucker, RIP. Gotta love Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for bein’ a bro ;), BeheadingTheTraitor, Drew for hookin us up fattay style, and Total Deathcore for showin us love.

Thank you for the interview!

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