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Interview with After Years Of Hope!

Band: After Years Of Hope
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Q: Where does your band name “After Years Of Hope” come from?
Our two guitarists played in many bands before and it wasn’t going well with every single one. They decided to start a new Band again. They searched for a name which fits in the situation. After Years of Hope fits perfectly so they decided to take it.
Q: Your EP, We Are The Dawn, is set to be released for this year. What can we expect from it?
We can say that it will include 4 Songs and one of them will be the title song “We are the Dawn”. There will be a lot of hard riffs and breakdowns on it. But also there will be cool Melodic parts and clean Vocals between them. We can not wait to release it!
Q: How is the metal scene in Essen, Germany?
We have a good local underground scene but also really big bands like Caliban and Kreator in our city. So you have a lot of possibilities to play live and grow up i would say.
Q: When did you guys get the idea and/or motivation to start making music?
Jannik and Marius started 5 years ago with other musicians. Paddy and Rob played in many bands before. For me it`s my first Band. I can only answer for my self so it all starts when i saw the music business, in which my Dad works, the first time. Afterwards i got my first drum set with 3 years. From that point on i wanted to make music.
Q: What bands play an influence on your music?
Adept, As I Lay Dying, old Sonic Syndicate
Q: What are your plans for the rest of this year?
We will release our first EP “We are the Dawn” in the last quarter of the year. Afterwards we will play a lot more shows in Germany. We have gigs upcoming with Bands like Evergreen Terrace in Cologne, Madison Affair in Essen and many more will come.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
Support your local underground music!
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