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Interview with Across The Wall!

Band: Across The Wall
Genre: Hardcore / Beatdown
Q: Where did the band name “Across the Wall” come from?
Across The Wall sounds powerful to us. It reminds us that we should be strong and never give up, and this is what we do.
Q: The band formed in May 2012, why did you start so recently?

Actually we didn’t start so recently. The band formed in May 2012 and released two singles (Hypocrite and Broken Nose) in a month. Then we started to write songs for an EP album and we are recording now. We will be more active after we release the EP.Q: What bands have you shared the stage with, and who was your favorite?
Our decision is to play only our songs on the stage. Consequently, we didn’t want to play on stage until we have enough songs to play. Our EP will be out soon and it means that we will have enough songs. We will definitely start to play on stage.Q: If you had the chance to be signed to any label, which label would that be and why?
It is our dream to be signed to a big label. For example, Rise Records is one of them. Because most of the bands that we like are signed to Rise Records and we think that they are doing a great job.Q: What are your plans for early 2013? Demo? EP?
Our upcoming EP will be out in a month, so it will probably be early 2013. We want more people to know about us and our plan is to achieve this.Q: Most influential band for you?
All the members of Across The Wall listen to hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. For example Nasty, Rise of the Northstar, Parkway Drive, All Shall Perish etc. Since Across The Wall is a hardcore band, we can say that Nasty and Rise of the Northstar are more influential for us.Q: What is the “underground scene” like where you live (Turkey)?

Underground scene in Turkey is fine but there are mostly heavy and thrash metal bands. Hardcore/Metalcore scene is not as good as thrash metal scene. There are some kick ass bands though, every week there are free shows in rock bars, etc.  People attend to the shows and support underground bands but when it comes to buying CD’s or merchs, no one supports. We think it decreases the motivation and confidence of the bands. It is an important problem of our underground scene. Otherwise, everything seems cool.Q: Any shout outs to give?
Our EP will be out soon, please don’t forget to support us!
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