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Interview with Acidiun!

PSAB: I know we are still early in 2016, but are you working on any new material yet?

Acidiun: Yes, even though it’s early 2016 we are working on new material. We are currently writing songs for our upcoming debut album. As a matter of fact the last three or four rehearsals we have come up with 3 completely new and smashing songs that we plan to use for our upcoming debut album. It’s a concept album and all the songs from the top to the bottom will play out an unsettling and quite disturbing story throughout the lyrics. We will not spoil the theme of the concept further yet though.
Sometime during mid 2016 we plan to release a double single as well.

PSAB: : There several different stylistic elements in your music. What genre do you consider Acidiun?

Acidiun: That’s a really interesting question actually. We will try to bone it out as good as possible for you. One of the most important aspects of the sound and genre of Acidiun is that we write the songs together in the rehearsal, we don’t have one or two persons creating the music on computers and just send it to other members in the band. We create and compose everything together while rehearsing so that everyone can contribute to the music and form the sound and the songs. Apparently this is quite unusual for modern bands from our generation.

Many reviews have told us is that we sound a little like Deathcore and Metalcore but neither of them at the same time. We think that’s a pretty good general explanation. But if we would describe ourselves we wouldn’t say that we play pure Metalcore or Deathcore. We don’t sound like most metalcore bands since we don’t have a digitalized or overproduced sound, clean vocals or backingtracks with synths, ambient sounds and bassdrops all over. On the other end we don’t sound like most deathcore band since we still have some melodies, groovy riffs, breakdowns and some parts that could be defined as fucking heavy metal you know. We define ourselves as a live band and we strive to sound raw, dirty and explosive in the studio just like when we are performing. We have defined our own sound and our own way of writing songs combining all our musical influences. If we would name a genre for Acidiun we would call it Non-generic Death/metalcore or riffbased death/metalcore.

PSAB: Do you want/plan on experimenting or changing your sound in the future?

Acidiun: Acidiun constantly experiment and change the feeling and the sound for each song we create, sometimes even genre changes could be questionable. Last rehearsal Erik our guitarist said something pretty interesting that summarizes the way we work. During a session of a completely new song he said “This song doesn’t sound like Acidiun at all, and I’m fine with that” and that’s the thing with us, we don’t sound like Acidiun since we change drastically for every song. Back in the day, you could define some things with Acidiun that could be pointed out as general trademark Acidiun stuff but nowadays with Lukas stirring up with new influences and Acidiun opening up for more collaborative writing you never know what to expect. We will never use clean vocals though, don’t expect that.

PSAB: Why are the lyrics in English instead of Swedish? Swedish would probably sound cool.

Acidiun: Acidiun wants to be able to reach out to a larger audience in order to expand. In order to do that we think that English is the language that we need to use in order to reach out and touch as many people as possible. Somehow Swedish would limit us to a certain amount of people. Oli our vocalist probably wouldn’t like singing in Swedish either haha.

PSAB: Are physicals a possibility in the future?

Acidiun: Of course we would like to release physicals, but right now is not the time. The sole reason for us releasing our material digitally is because of economic reasons. We’re probably the poorest band in the history of earth. Jokes aside we just don’t have the economy to support physical material at the moment, but for our album we probably will have a physical release as well, maybe even vinyl.

PSAB: Anything else you would like to say?

Acidiun: First off we would like to give a big thanks to PSAB for bringing light on Acidiun. We appreciate it a lot. Second, in a short amount of time we will release a music video of our song “Boiling Inside” recorded in our rehearsal.

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Cheers, Acidiun!

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    Shit, seems like a cool band. I’ll definitely check them out!

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