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Interview with Abhorrent Vice!

Genre(s): Deathcore/Nintendocore
PSAB: Where does the band name “Abhorrent Vice” come from?
AV: Honestly, it comes from almost nothing. Over 2 years ago we were brainstorming over how the band should be called. Our ex-vocalist, Phillip Sławiński proposed this one out of the blue, and we haven’t changed it since then.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Jelenia Gora?

AV: Our local scene is quite small, but we have a share of bands which wanna keep playing show after show, and doing everything they can to bring their music to people. We are currently the only core band in Jelenia Góra, as other groups are more intrested in more traditional genres, like thrash metal, etc. We decided to bring a flow of fresh air into our area, and that’s why we decided to play “nintendocore”.

PSAB: What has played an influence on your music the most? This can be non-music related.

AV: Inspirations and influences are different for each member of the band. But we’re all connected through our long-lasting friendship and passion to music. We’re not just few guys who get together from time to time to do a rehersal, and then play a show. We’re good friends, with one dream of playing music that people would like to listen. Live. We do all our best to make our gigs better and squeeze 200% out of ourselves.

PSAB: When you released Quintessence of Hate, how was the feedback? Do you still receive feedback now?

AV: When we released Quintessence of Hate, we just wanted to share our music to others, and show our band to the world. We were a bit shocked, when we saw that our album has got over 12,000 views on YouTube. This was the moment that changed us. More people have heard about our band, we’ve started playing shows in bigger cities, with bigger bands, and we must say- playing out first tour around Poland was, to this day, the most beautiful chapter of our musical career.

PSAB: What are your plans for this upcoming spring and summer?

AV: This spring we’re going to release our second EP called Beyond The Reflection. It will feature more electronic sounds of nintendocore, but you can still expect true core elements found on Quintessence of Hate. Premiere is scheduled in April. Spring and summer is also loaded with shows in Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Also, in June/July we’re planning a tour around Europe. This year will be fucking awesome.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

AV: If you’re in a band, and things don’t go your way, don’t quit. There is always a way out. We’ve had our share of accidents, problems and obstacles along the way, and managed to get around every single one. Oh, and german cars are indestructible. Trust us on this one.
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