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Interview with A Raven Among Doves!

Band: A Raven Among Doves
Genre: Deathcore / Groove

Q: Where did you get the band name “A Raven Among Doves” from?
When the band first started as two of us, we wanted a name that wasn’t too generic yet not too off the wall so we came up with this name. The name is symbolic. A raven represents a darkness or and ill omen and a dove typically represents life and peace. So we thought to have it as if an ill omen is among peace. Thus were our band name, A Raven Among Doves, came from.

Q: Your album, Everything In Between, recently released. How has the feedback been from the fans?
Most people who have listened to our album and even downloaded it said what we’re trying to do with our music was fairly different. Some people liked our approach and some didn’t. That’s the way it is but we take every bit of criticism as positive as we can. If it is constructive at least. We recorded our EP on our own and mixed and mastered it as well. Everything In Between was our first release and we’re very happy with the end result and we are sure whoever listened to it, except a select few, enjoyed it as well.

Q: What is the underground metal scene in New Jersey?
New Jersey used to be known for our Local Scene but in the most recent years local bands really come and go. It will actually have it’s on years and off years when it comes to local music. A few years ago there used to be local shows all over New Jersey, nowadays it’s very rare to find a promoter throwing a show.

Not to mention turn outs, it always depends on the headliner. If the headliner is well known, people will show up and stay until the headliner goes on, if the headliner is really not well known, not many people respect the band and people will leave early regardless of respecting the other band. For the most part, it usually depends on the area. North Jersey’s music scene is amazing, same with South Jersey but Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore has a very poor scene, but depending on who’s on the bill, it can really surprise you.

Q: What one band has influenced your music the most?
For us it is very hard to explain our influences from a single band since each of us is bring in different styles into the band. Three of our biggest influences would have to be bands like Beneath The Buried And Me, Volumes, and Bermuda.

Q: Any influences outside of bands that influence your music?

Besides music influencing us, anything that would inspire us to write music is something that interests all of us equally or just the wanting to better ourselves our musicians. We not only try to impress listeners, but we also try to impress ourselves. Both as musicians and listeners.

Q: When can we expect new music? In 2013?
Well we are currently down a member, a drummer to be exact, but we are trying our best to work around it and start writing for a concept EP and possibly a full length. But this all really depends if we find someone who has the same style as us. If we do stumble across that person then we believe we can accomplish what we are set out to do. Regardless though, we are trying our best to write songs to put out this year.

Q: Any shout outs to give?
We’d like to give shout outs to all promoters who have given us a chance to play a show, anybody who has came out to one or even all of our shows, all the amazing bands we’ve met and played with like The Artwork Of, Nights Of Malice, My Iron Heart, Due For Extinction, A Lifethere After, The Greatest Virtue, Roseld, and Killed the Fixtion. Those are all EXTREMELY talented bands and we highly suggest you check out each and every one of those bands.

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