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Interview with A Feasting Beast!

Facebook – Genre(s): Deathcore – Location: Orlando, FL

PSAB: Why did you choose “A Feasting Beast” for your band name?

AFB: I came up with the name “A Feasting Beast”. Originally it was a song title I planned on using. The “Beast” part of the name represents us as humans and the “Feasting” part is supposed to symbolize that we are only feasting on ourselves with how wasteful and careless we are as humans.

PSAB: How’s been the feedback for your EP It Feeds?

AFB: The feed back has been really amazing! We have already been on FM radio in Orlando, Florida! Kids have messaged us from all over the world saying things like “Recalcitrant is my ringtone”, or “you guys and Chelsea Grin are my favorite bands”. We have shot up to #3 in the Orlando, Florida ranks in less than a month. We as have just been accepted and put on pandora radio. Also having accomplished guitarists like Chris Storey (All Shall Perish, Smashface) tell me personally “its top notch Deathcore” is pretty rewarding as well.

PSAB: If you could tour any part of the world, which part would you tour and why?

AFB: If I could tour anywhere Id either choose Italy. I would love to see where my family name comes from and all historical architecture they have.

PSAB: How’s the metal scene in Orlando, FL?

AFB: Orlando, Fl metal scene is good. I wouldnt call it a strict “metal scene” though. Its more like a “heavy music scene”, in Orlando the scene is really awesome. Of course every scene has its drama but people here tend to like everything from hardcore to death metal for the most part. I mean there are elitists in the scene of course that are strictly just metal or hardcore, but youre going to find those in every scene I think.

PSAB: If you could play a show with three other bands, which three bands would you choose?

AFB: If I could play a show with three other bands it would be All Shall Perish (with Chris Storey), Deicide, and probably Metallica because they were the first heavy band I listened to.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give?

AFB: Shout out to my wife Christina!!! The only person who has never given up on me or ever doubted my musical goals!! Daniel Synan my vocalist for really sticking with me even when we had nobody in our band and all the odds were against us. Michael Moore (Monotheist) for showing the ropes of production, check out his band by the way, they are amazing!! Also shout to my mentor and friend Chris Storey! For being not only an amazing teacher but a real friend over the years!! Another one to Bobby Koelble (from the band Death) for being so patient in our music/guitar lessons in answering the million music theory questions I had Lol!! Last but not least Mark Lewis (black dahlia, whitechapel producer) for mastering the EP and being extremely patient with my picky ass!!

One last shout out to you all at Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for giving A Feasting Beast the opportunity to do this interview!! Thank you so much!!

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