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Instead of a Kill – Skinwalker [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
Instead of a Kill’s album Skinwalker is a barrage of deathcore from start to finish. Though it doesn’t seem to stray too far from the sound of standard deathcore, Instead of a Kill does does it really well. The audio quality on this album is good, as you can easily hear everything that is going on in each song. Also, the album itself has 11 tracks and about 30 or so minutes of materials, so the band is giving you your money’s worth.
The second song off of Skinwalker is “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” This song seems to be more of a “joke song” being based on the fictional entity the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the lyrics (assuming) aren’t to be taken too seriously. The instrumentals are pretty standard as far as deathcore goes, mostly chugging guitars and some riffs sprinkled in here and there. The vocals are something that stands out to me, as they’re very good. It varies from low screams and high screams, and the latter stands are more so than the former. The highs are very clean and clear, and remind me of screams by Sarah Where Is My Tea in the song “Empty Promises.”
“Plastic Pelvis” is the eighth song off of Skinwalker. The instrumentals in this song are different than “Flying Spaghetti Monster,” and this is due to the sporadic-ness of the instrumentals. They are very chaotic and all over the place. The song has very strong experimental metal influences. The vocals are about the same as they were in the previous song, but that is not a bad thing. However, the song is very short and when you really start to get into it, the song comes to a close.
All in all, I think Skinwalker is a pretty good and solid album. It is really upbeat, fast, and sometimes all over the place; which I really enjoy. The album has a nice balance of short bursts of energy type of songs, and songs that take their time and are more drawn out; five songs are under three minutes, six songs are over three minutes. Instead of a Kill’s album Skinwalker isn’t something to sleep on, so check it out; either listen to it or pick it digitally or physically!

Score: 4/5

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    Gotta give a try to this album 🙂

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