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Incinerated Divinity – Incinerated Divinity [REVIEW]

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Incinerated Divinity’s debut album Incinerated Divinity has six tracks and nearly 25 minutes worth of material. It has an old school death metal feel to it, which is something uncommon to see nowadays with the wave of new school death metal, and of course, deathcore. It is very, very technical and filled with guitar shredding.
“Ascension of Flesh” is the introduction track for this album. Instantly you can hear the old school death metal sound primarily through the vocals of David and drums by Scott. Also, there is a pinch of black metal to it. This song only has one break, which starts at 2:44 and is for a guitar solo by Edward and/or Corey. The solo never really ends as it takes you out of the track and onto the next one, which is “Virulent Soul’s Delight.”
The third song on this album, “Tormented Ecstasy” has a similar sound that “Ascension of Flesh” had, but this song is heavier; much heavier. It has a rhythm that makes you bang your head to it. It continues the old school death metal sound Incinerated Divinity does so well. At around 2:40 the guitar picks up into a solo that accompany David’s vocals. Following this there is a break in the song for a guitar and drum solo, which really makes you want to follow along with your feet. To end this song there is a full-blown guitar solo at 4:30.
This album is really, really good. It stands out among the crowd of all the new school death metal and deathcore bands. Incinerated Divinity is fast, heavy, very technical, and has everything that I love about death metal. This review only gives you a little taste of what Incinerated Divinity has to offer, and I highly suggest you listen to this yourself. However, I do wish they had hard copies of this album to purchase, because I would love to support this band. Either way, the album is free to download, so go download it.
Score 4 / 5
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