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Review: Incinerate Creation – Adaptation of Human Suffering

Incinerate Creation is a Death-Metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their current line-up is: Tony (drums), Serge (guitar), Pat (guitar), Jake (vocals), and Tim (bass). Adaptation of Human Suffering is the only album that they have released since their formation in 2013.

After an opening, creepy intro track, Thy Summon Anu kicks in. The drums and vocals were the first things that caught my attention in this song. I love the double bass. The vocals in this song range from low to high. Jake can perform the different types of vocals well. The guitars in this song are pretty solid. There’s a lot of tremolo picking with nice melodies that accompany the vocals. They also created some nice head-banging riffs as well.

Dark Arts of the Illuminati is up next with a voice recording followed by the band playing extremely fast. I really like the material the gutiarists came up with in this song. The riffs are enjoyable to listen to and the squealies are a nice touch. I like how Jake switched between lower and higher screams throughout this song. It helped keep me interested. I am very impressed with the guitar solo that came in around 3:12.

The Cosmonaut comes in with a very groovy riff. The instrumentals continue to flow together really well throughout this album. Jake’s vocals can get pretty low in this song, so be sure to be on the lookout for that. The drums are spectacular in this song. I admire Tony’s ability to play complex and fast drum beats. It’s nice to hear another guitar solo around 2:10 into the song. There’s also another guitar solo in the outro of the song accompanied by a creepy voice recording.

Song five of nine, Engineering the Extinction, is up next. The band continues to deliver heavy-hitting tracks, and this one is no exception. I would say that the drums are my favorite aspect of this song. Unsurprisingly, Tony continues to deliver fast drumming and complex beats. His playing flows along with the song very well. The guitarists continue to play high-quality melodies that flow well with the vocals. Around 1:50 there is a pretty cool lead guitar that I found refreshing. I love it when bands have different types of vocals in synch with each other. This occurs around 2:40 into the song, so be sure to check that out.

Transhumanism starts with some sick guitar work. I love the intro riff. This song also has some great vocals by Jake that can show how well he performs different types of vocals. Around 1:35 is another sick solo followed by some monstrous lows and shredding. Surprisingly there’s another solo in the outro of this song. I like how frequently they put in solos in this album.

Death Delivered By Annunaki is next with instrumentals that seem to break the typical fast-paced playing, at least in the intro of this song. I love how the drums fit really well behind the guitar solo that occurred around 3:20. This is another solid track that flows well with the rest of the album.

Nearing the end of this album, Adaptation of Human Suffering comes in. I found the intro melody a nice touch. I like Jake’s use of highs in the intro. The guitar riff that occurs around 43 seconds into the song is sick. I like how they have a stop and go type riff after that. That was one of the more unique riffs in this album. I love the break around 2:08. It’s a nice head-banging piece that is surprisingly followed by a guitar solo.

The last track of this album, Inter-dimensional Heavens Gate, starts with a sick intro by the drummer. I like the vocals on this song. Jake switched between different types of vocals well that helped keep me interested. I love the drums and vocals in this song.

I would recommend this album to a fellow metal-head. The drumming is incredible and the guitarists created some killer riffs and sweet melodies along with some awesome solos. The vocalist has quite a range. That helps keep the listener interested. I would give this album an 8/10. You can purchase this album on their Bandcamp page.


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