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Inception – The Lost Studio Collection [REVIEW]

Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Inception’s 2012 release, The Lost Studio Collection, is a 10 track and 40 minute album that brings a very heavy sound to the table. This album is on the heavier side of metalcore, but not quite breaking into the deathcore genre. The introduction track, “Hymn For The Fallen” really breaks open the door to this album with deathcore-like vocals Tommy, a crushing chugging sound by Ryan. It gives you the feeling of wanting to listen to rest of this album. “B.A.O.S” is the fifth track on this album, and my personal favorite. It starts out with a crowd chant, that you can usually find in some metalcore bands. This song has more high screams than the introduction track has, these are done by Tristan. However, they’re not normal screams, they are fast-paced, kind of similar to how Fronz of Attila does his screams. Throughout the song guitar chugs are present, with breaks for a more progressive side. There are several big breakdowns throughout the song; breakdown lovers should definitely check out this track.
The song before the last song “Juggernaut” which features Fish of Good With Anything starts out with guitar chugs accompanying drums, to give the chugs that heavier sound. This song is similar to “B.A.O.S,” but lacks the fast-paced high screams. However continues with high screams and low screams of the band’s two vocalists. There is a pretty standard metalcore (chugcore?) song, and it does not bring anything new to the table. The only gripes I have with this album is the audio quality, production value, and the mixing/mastering. It definitely could be improved upon, I think.
Album Score: 4 / 5
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