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Immerse – Immerse EP [REVIEW]

Purchase: Digital
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Release Date: 2/25/2013
Immerse’s self-titled debut EP is an eight track, 30 minute, technical and progressive album. Immerse has a similar (and familiar) sound to the djent band Northlane. However, Immerse brings a more heavier and hardcore sound to the table compared to Northlane. This is shown in the introduction song of this EP, “Obelisk,” which starts with technical guitar work and a hardcore bouncy vibe, with a mix of melodic guitar sounds in the background. The vocals, from Tom Gardner, are fantastic with his screams and clean singing
“Gerun” the second track on the EP really shows the progressive side of Immerse, the overall sound of this song is a great example of how progressive metalcore should sound. There is a great breakdown at 1:50 in the song, but the breakdown isn’t the generic breakdown you would normally hear, Immerse brings more to it with the djent sound and Tom’s vocals. Following this track, is the third track which is “Plenitude” which is filled with piano melodies, ambient sounds, and an overall relaxing sound from Immerse. My favorite track on this EP is “Integra,” which is the fifth song on this EP. It is heavier sound than the introduction that I described earlier, and has a more melodic side with a guitar solo at 1:45 and 2:25 in the song. However, it does not remove or have less of the hardcore bouncy sound they present in the other songs of the EP. 
I have no gripes with this EP, the quality and production are great and do not take away from the music in the slightest. If you are a fan of Northlane, progressive music, and/or djent. I would highly suggest you pick up this album, or at least listen to it when it releases!

Album Score: 4.9 / 5

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