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I Declare War – We Are Violent People By Nature [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
I Declare War’s new album, We Are Violent People By Nature, is set to officially release on April 15, 2014. However, several MerchNOW pre-orders were shipped and received early, like mine. So I was able to listen to it a few times through, and thus decided to do expand on the mini review I posted on our Facebook page. Anyway, to the review!
We Are Violent People By Nature is the second release by I Declare War with new vocalist Jamie Hanks, this album follows their 2011 self-titled release I Declare War, which brought a big change to what I Declare War sounds like. The change was from a brutal death metal type of sound, when they had Jonathan Huber as a vocalist, to a guitar chugging, overly loud and heavy, deathcore sound. The album itself is ten songs long and has roughly 35 to 40 minutes worth of listening material.
The band kept the same kind of sound they had in their self-titled release I Declare War, but added upon it with some technical guitar parts in some songs, like “Quiet” and some different types of vocal parts, like gutturals in “Shadow Man.” Outside of some differences here and there, not much changed from the last album and this one. However, the album itself sounds a lot better, it is like they honed their craft to the best of their abilities and put it into this album.
Of course, in a different light, you can say the album is quite boring with its repetitive instrumentals and lack of diversity in the vocals. This album may be for you for those reasons alone, and that’s understandable, but for those who are into the kind of music, they will absolutely enjoy this album. Basically, if you like I Declare War’s self-titled album that released back in 2011, you’ll like (if not love) this album. If you’re into chuggy deathcore, you’ll also like this album. But if you’re not into either of those things, you will not like this album.
Score: 4/5
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