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I Declare War releases new t-shirt design that causes controversy

Last night, well known deathcore band, I Declare War, released this t-shirt design; which, as you could tell, caused a lot of controversy among their fans on Facebook. I am sure there will be fans at their shows that will cause hubbub about the t-shirt as well. Frankly, I do not find anything wrong with it, but you could say I am being bias, as I support same sex marriage, couples, love, etc. But, just the t-shirt design itself really isn’t too appalling nor it is something that is obscene. Honestly, I find their other t-shirt design they also recently released to be more vulgar than this one.

Yup, this one. Nothing says, “I like deathcore” than a girl showing her breasts and telling her to show you her cunt. Let me make this clear, I am a big fan of I Declare War, always have been and probably will always be. But this shirt is kind of ridiculous, and even more ridiculous to be worn in public. So, I am surprised to see more of a shit-storm about two guys kissing than verbally degrading women in a vulgar fashion.
But hey, you can say and wear whatever the fuck you want, so if you like these shirts, or I Declare War, feel free to pick up some of their merch in the link below.
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  • Mike M on

    Reminds me of the old Dissection cover from years back

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