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Hollow Ground – Pathways [REVIEW]

Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore
Hollow Ground’s debut EP, Pathways is a nice combination of hardcore and metalcore. The hardcore sound and feel are more present than metalcore, that’s for sure. The album has five tracks and roughly 20 minutes worth of materials. 
“Pathways” is the second song on this album and it starts with an upbeat and fast pace. The guitar work is mostly a variation of guitar chugging, and the vocals are primarily low screams throughout the whole song. At 1:20, there is a more melodic part in the song, as the guitar sound and vocals change. Following this, there is normal talking that transition into low screams a few times. There is a breakdown at 2:00 but nothing out of the norm as far as breakdowns are concerned. After the breakdown, the song goes back to its normal pace and sound for a bit, however pretty quickly another breakdown happens with group chants and low screams to end off the song.

The following song, “Trapped In Thought” starts off with a more progressive guitar sound/tone, but the vocals used are pretty similar to what was used in “Pathways.” This progressive guitar sound/tone is used as the primary guitar sound throughout the song, except for some parts for chugging. At 1:30, there is a breakdown, which is your everyday breakdown. Following this, there is another breakdown at 2:20. The song transitions back to its normal sound afterwards to end off the song.

Pathways is an okay hardcore/metalcore album. There really wasn’t anything that really stood out to me, and everything sounded very cookie cutter. I think with more hard work and creativity, Hollow Ground could create something awesome for their next release. However, until that time, this album will be just okay to me. If you are into chuggy hardcore/metalcore, check out Pathways. It is free to download, so you don’t lose anything by checking it out.

Score: 2.5/5

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