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Griffin Kolinski, Knights Of The Abyss & Apparitions Member Passes Away

Vocalist of hardcore/metal band, Apparitions, and former bassist of deathcore act, Knights of the Abyss, unfortunately passed away yesterday.

It was revealed today from Apparitions’ Facebook that Griffin Kolinski passed away yesterday, due to what seems, heart troubles,

Some very sad news has unfolded. Our very good friend and vocalist, Griffin Kolinski passed away today. As a lot of you may know, he hasn’t been feeling well as of recently due to his surgery several months ago. He fought a strong uphill battle for this entire time. Our hearts and near future efforts will be with his family as they undergo this tragedy. Rest in Peace, Griffin – a truly amazing and talented individual. Your effect on the local and national music community will not ever be forgotten.

It is unfortunate to see this happen to someone, let alone someone apart of the underground metal scene. I remember Knights of the Abyss was one of the first deathcore bands I got into years ago, and I was bummed when they broke up. But this is far worse than one of your favorite bands breaking up.

In light of this event, Apparitions posted again a little later about a Go Fund Me account to help the cost of funeral services. This was done by the family of Griffin, so if you like to help his family out, feel free to. They also announced they will be hosting a memorial show in his honor on August 22nd at the Nile Theatre in Arizona.

The family of Griffin has made a go fund me account to help cover the costs of everything to help his family. Griffin was the first to always help people and reach out to see how friends and family were doing. As we’ve seen from the Internet you all care about him so much, and that truly means the world to us. He was our best friend and a amazing band mate and leader. We owe it to this amazing man to help him and his family, so if you can donate we’d appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. We will also be hosting a memorial show in Griffins honor. It will be held August 22nd (Saturday) and the Nile theatre. It will be a free show with donations going 100% to his family and It will be both upstairs and downstairs. The bill will be a fest of about 20 bands. All of these bands meant something to him weather it’s close friends, or bands he’s recorded. ALL of the promotion companies in AZ came together to help us with this so thank you guys, means a lot. More details on the show will be announced very very soon. We love you all and can’t thank you enough for the support. This is for you Griffin! Www.gofundme.com/griffinrocks

My thoughts go out to Griffin’s friends, band mates, and fans.

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