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Goliath – Six Feet Deep [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Hardcore / Death Metal
Goliath’s single “Six Feet Deep” is something that sounds a bit different compared to the other bands in the genre. This difference primarily comes from the vocals used in this song, which are the high shouts/screams the vocalist uses besides the typical low and high -core screams. The high shouts sound like he is running out of breath while shouting. Other than vocals, the instrumentals are basically chugging guitars, but the sound is very upbeat and they mix different guitar sounds in there to break the lackluster sound of guitar chugging. Also they have a guitar solo in this song which is pretty good, however it is very short lived and I think it should’ve been a bit longer. All in all, “Six Feet Deep” is a good song. If you’re into hardcore influenced death metal, then check out “Six Feet Deep!”

Score: 3/5

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