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Garrett Miranda – Garrett Miranda [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Instrumental / Melodic Death Metal
Garrett Miranda is a one-man instrumental band, and he does all the instruments in all of his songs. Which is impressive, to say the least. This EP is a combination of melodic death metal and alternative rock, and that is an odd combination, but it seems to work here. The audio quality is decent, as you can hear all the instrumentals fairly well.

“Guardians” is the second track off of this EP. There is a strong melodic death metal feel to this song, and I think it would do well with some death metal vocals over it. The pace of the song is upbeat and isn’t too fast or too slow. There is a guitar solo in this song as well. I think the drums could be used more in this song though.

The third song off of this EP is “A Dying World.” It is a bit slower compared to “Guardians” and has some grudge influence to it, especially in the beginning of the song. The sound of this song changes quite a bit, it becomes very sporadic and all over the place. The guitar playing practically goes nuts, with a few different types of guitar solos. This song is one of the better songs off of this three track EP.
This EP is pretty short lived. There is only three songs and less than 15 minutes worth of materials, so each song flies pass you while listening to it (each of them being about two to three minutes). There really isn’t any memorable parts in the songs either, which doesn’t help its case. However, I believe Garrett Miranda has talent and can play multiple instruments well, so he should be able to put out an improved album in the future.

Score: 2/5

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