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Flesh of the Earth – Nature’s Reign [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Technical Death Metal
 Flesh of the Earth’s album Nature’s Reign was released in November of 2013. It has six songs and roughly 30 minutes worth of listening materials. This album is very fast going and very ‘in your face.’ It is really good technical death metal, and everything the band puts into this album works really well and brings the listener some great death metal.
The third track is “Flesh of the Earth.” The pace of the song is upbeat and fast and the song doesn’t let up at all. Instrumentally, it is very technical. There are a lot of guitar riffs, blast beats, a guitar solo or two, etc. to be heard in this song. Also, in some parts, it does sound kind of melodic. The vocals used are high screams and low screams. The high screams are the main type of scream used in this song, and they do sound like they have some black metal influence to them. But! This isn’t a bad thing. Overall, this song is really well done and nothing is overdone or underdone, it all works perfectly together.
The last song is “Ash and Dust” and it is a bonus track. This song is very similar to the previous song talked about, as the pace, instrumentals, and vocals are mostly the same. However, the rhythm of the song is much different, as it sounds a bit more melodic, and makes you want to bop your head to the song more. It also has a lot more guitar shredding and a ton of more blast beats, which both can be clearly heard throughout the whole song. Overall, this song, though similar to the other, sounds a lot more “epic” when compared to “Flesh of the Earth.”
Nature’s Reign is a good death metal album. I am a big fan of technical death metal, so I really like this album. It does have some black metal influence with the vocals, and there are some parts that sound a bit melodic, but other than that, it is fucking great. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is a death metal fan, or a fan of any death metal sub-genre (tech, melodic, prog, etc). So! Check out Flesh of the Earth and their album Nature’s Reign on their Bandcamp page now!

Score: 4/5

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