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Favor The Brave – Rochelle [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Metalcore / Groove
Favor The Brave’s 2011 release, Rochelle, is a good combination of metalcore and groove. This album is Favor The Brave’s freshman release, which later they released Entropy in 2012. Rochelle has some good instrumentals, but I think the vocals could be improved on. Most of the vocals used on the album are mid and low screams. There are seven tracks and around 25 minutes worth of materials.
“Forget” is the third song off of Rochelle. This song’s overall sound it brings is very upbeat and fast. It also has an “in your face” kind of feel for it. The instrumentals are good, and the most stand out part of it is the guitar work. The vocals are okay, there isn’t much vocal variety in this song. They stay around the mid-scream and low-scream range. Also the vocals sound kind of gargled, and the vocalist needs to work on his pronunciation of words while screaming for them to sound clearer.
The title track and fifth song off of Rochelle is “Rochelle.” The instrumentals in this song are very similar to “Forget.” The same could be said about the vocals as well. There are a lot of small guitar riffs to be heard in this song, but at the same time there are a lot of groovy parts in it also. This song is a bit slower compared to “Forget.” 
The seventh and final song off of this album is “Turn Your Head And Cough.” This song’s sound is similar to “Forget” with it being very upbeat and fast. It is a bit more groovy and melodic compared to the previous two songs as well, which I like. The vocals, still, have no real variety besides switching two main screams (mid and low). Further, this song is as basic metalcore as Favor The Brave get. There is more guitar chugging in this song than any other song on this album.
Rochelle is a solid album. The instrumentals are pretty good and the vocals are decent. This is Favor The Brave’s first album they released, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. They were new to scene when this dropped and their later release Entropy shows that they have matured, and have become more experienced with their sound. So, if you’re looking for metalcore with groove influences, check out this album. It is free to listen to and download on their Bandcamp.

Score: 3/5

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