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Favor The Brave – Entropy [REVIEW]

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Favor The Brave’s new EP, Entropy, is a short but sweet EP with three tracks and around 13 minutes of material. The introduction track, “Zero Gravity” paves the way for the rest of the album with an opening of high screams from Chris Webb and a breakdown from the rest of the band. The guitars throughout the song are good, done by Matt Mieckowski and Lou Iatarola. If you’re a fan of the chugging type of music, this is something you will enjoy. However, there are definitely progressive parts later on in the song (2:25). The pace of the song never dwindles and continues with a barrage of brutal vocals by Chris and Buddy Caine. 

The third and final track of the EP “Salvation,” starts out with a lot of bass pedal work by Mike Michvech, along side the vocals of Chris. However, in this song that wasn’t in the introduction, it is a more metalcore vibe to it, and shows more progressive side compared to the chugging aspect “Zero Gravity” had. However, there is a massive breakdown at 10:15 in the song, which is something breakdown lovers would enjoy. It is also more upbeat and heavy, and it really shows that Favor the Brave came bring more than one element of heavy music to the table. The only dislike I have of this EP is that it is only three songs, and less than 15 minutes long. I prefer to have more material to listen to, and for it to last long.
Album Score: 4.8 / 5
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