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Ethereality – The Reversal [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore / Progressive
Ethereality’s debut EP, The Reversal, is a mix of bone crushing deathcore and progressive metal. There is also hints of regular death metal and trash metal. Basically, there is a lot of different sub-genres thrown into this EP. It has five songs but has 30 minutes worth of listening material. Thirty minutes is a good amount for only five songs. The thing that stands out the most, for me, in this album is the vocals. The vocals are very strong and raw sounding, and they just sound fucking awesome.
The song that starts off The Reversal is “Dusk.” In the beginning of the song, it has elements of progressive and groove metal. However, after the introduction, there isn’t much hints of either one of those sounds anymore. The instrumentals stick to guitar chugging for most of the song. There are breaks throughout the song with guitar riffs and a different sound overall; one comparable to straight death metal. The pace is very fast and “in your face,” it reminds me of thrash metal. The vocals are awesome, just like they are in the other songs. Zack, the vocalist, sticks to low screams and high screams. The low screams sound very raw and like they have a lot of power behind them. The high screams are great as well.
The fourth song is “Cremation of a Nation” and this song continues the same pace “Dusk” has. The pace is very fast and upbeat, except in some parts of the song it slows down. For instance, around two minutes in, there is a slow pace break with a low sounding guitar solo to be heard with drums in the background. Midway through that break, clean singing comes in (out of nowhere) and then transitions into layered vocals with clean singing and low screams. The instrumentals change quite a bit throughout this song, mostly guitar chugging to a progressive sound. Vocals are roughly the same as the other songs, with the exception of the clean singing. 
Overall, The Reversal is a good EP. It provides you with different elements of few different sub-genres, but mainly two types of sub-genre; deathcore and progressive metal. If you’re into Oceano, or Whitechapel, you’ll more than likely enjoy Ethereality. So! Check out this album! It’s available practically everywhere online; Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 
Score: 4/5
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