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Esoteric Endings – Depths [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Djent / Progressive / Instrumental
Esoteric Ending is a one-man instrumental djent band. Their album Depths is very good. It has seven songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of materials. If you’re a fan of instrumental djent bands, like Sean Hall, Kreepmaster, and Mendel, you’ll like Esoteric Endings.
“Depths” is the third song on this album, and probably my favorite song from the album. It starts with an ambient sound, it is very calming and slow. Thirty seconds in, the guitar comes in with a progressive tone and sound. The ambient sound is still prevalent in the background and makes for a good combination of the ambiance and guitar. The guitar sound transitions into a more upbeat pace and sound for a bit, however a small break with guitar strumming starts soon thereafter. After the break, it goes back into it’s original pace and sound it started with. The song ends with an upbeat rhythm and guitar riffs with a djent sound.
The sixth song is “Illusions Part. I” and it starts with a progressive guitar sound and an upbeat rhythm with drums being played. The rhythm is something you would tap your foot to and/or nod your head too. The sound changes at around 1:00 with a second guitar being played in the background, it is a lot slower than the lead guitar and goes well with the rhythm of the song. However, this lasts shortly as the pace and sound of the song speed up quite a bit, into a more djent/progressive metalcore sound (minus guitar chugging). Also, ambient sounds can be heard in the background. The songs ends off with a progressive guitar sound, but a different style than the beginning had.
Depths is the type of album that you just want to listen to and not be doing anything else. I found it difficult to write this review while listening to it, because I was paying more attention to what was going on in the songs than writing. Which means, basically, this album is fucking good. I am a huge fan of ambient/djent/progressive instrumental albums, there is just something about it that draws me in and keeps me there. There is always something going on throughout the song, even when it is slow, there is an eerie or ambient sound that keeps you waiting for what’s next in the song. I really can’t recommend this enough, if you’re a fan of Sean Hall, Kreepmaster, or Mendel, you should give this go. If you’re not, you should still give this a go. It’s free to download, so you lose nothing by downloading it.
Score: 4.5/5
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