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Era of Desolance – Victimized [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Beatdown Hardcore
Era of Desolance’s EP Victimized is one heavy hitting hardcore album, and is definitely not something you should skip over if you’re into beatdown. It has six songs and about 15 minutes worth of materials. It does sound like deathcore at times, but keeps to its beatdown hardcore roots. The vocals are mostly mid screams, but the mid screams sound like they have some type of guttural addition to them. The instrumentals are mostly guitar chugging and breakdowns, in some songs they are faster, and others they’re not.
The second song off of this EP is “Victimized” and it has a slow tempo. Vocally, it sticks to mid screams and low screams. The mid screams have a burping/guttural sound to them, but they’re good and work well with the instrumentals. On that note, the instrumentals stick to guitar chugging for majority of the song, except for some breaks for guitar riffs. The pace is steady from start to finish, there really isn’t an increase in speed.
The following song “Catching Fade” and it sounds more beatdown than the previous song. This song is the shortest song on the album. The vocals stick to the same kind of style they had on previous songs, which is okay. The pace of this song is pretty slow going, not in the slightest upbeat. Instrumentals are basically one prolonged breakdown.
Victimized is a slow going album, and from the first song to the last song, it has a constant beatdown hardcore sound. They do not stray from this type of sound, and I like that for this album. At some points, they do sound like deathcore, but those points are very small. So! If you’re into beatdown hardcore, you’ll definitely like Era of Desolance and their EP Victimized. It’s name your price on their Bandcamp, so pick it up!
Score: 3.5/5
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