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Review: Ennui Breathes Malice – IRE


With the release of their second full length album “IRE”, the Australian quartet growls, squeals, and chugs their way into the deathcore scene. With one EP and one LP already under their belts, its clear to see (and hear) that Ennui Breathes Malice has found and established their sound and they’re sticking to it. There’s not much experimentation on this album- but don’t let that deter you from giving it a listen, it’s a fantastic album full of brutal vocals, twin guitars shooting out melodies, a heavy as hell bass, and drums that keep beating you further and further down.

The EP opens with “Mourning Sun”, a warm melodic build up of piano and strings until the guitars and drums glide in. Its “IRE”’s slowest song and almost comparable to an interlude you’d expect to find on a Betraying The Martyrs album. It nonetheless provides a good glimpse into what awaits. At the end of the song the guitars swell, and the song seamlessly blasts it’s way into the second song, “Zodiacal”. Here you’ll get to hear the first of the vocals.

Throughout the entire album the vocals comprise of lows, mids, and highs, along with gutturals and pig squeals. Technically, they’re all very well executed with the highs being the weak point- but even they’re so well done that there’s not much to complain about, as they do occasionally burst with emotion (being more often than not, hate). While the gutturals and screams keep your attention fixated, there are tight familiar metalcore riffs speeding along, with ear pleasing melodies and breaks throughout each song- with absolutely hateful sounding breakdowns (I’m looking at you, “Premature Infatuation”). The bass can be heard quite well (and it sounds fantastic) in between and along with the guitar chugs, although it does sometimes get drowned out during the verses. The drums keep the tempo flowing in the slower parts and keeps the pace and mindset visceral during the faster verses and breakdowns.

The songs all flow fairly well without any awkward pauses or transitions between intros, verses, breakdowns and bridges. Each song sounds unique enough to stand out from the rest without any of them sounding out of place. “IRE” also has gap-less playback (assuming your media player allows it) and while this wouldn’t usually affect my opinion of an album, all of the songs flow very well into the next- to the point where the EP is 23 minutes and 93 seconds of non-stop, head pounding, elegant brutality.

While it’s not groundbreaking, it’s unique and definitely one to have on repeat for months to come.

 Here’s a link to their Facebook, and here’s a link to buy their EP, “IRE”.



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