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Emissary – Emissary [REVIEW]

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Emissary’s debut self-titled EP released in February. It has six tracks and about 25 minutes worth of materials. Emissary is the definition of how progressive deathcore should be done, without straying too far into the softer side of progressive metal. They are similar to Nexilva and Slice The Cake, in my opinion.

The second song, “Harbinger” is a great progressive song. It has a slow build up that slowly fades into a progressive guitar tone, drums, and low screams. It has a synthesizer playing in the background, while the regular sound of the song continues. The synthesizer is very subtle throughout. There is a small break at 1:45 in the song but quickly transitions back into the normal pace of the song, however the pace is sped up after the break. Following the increased pace, there is a small breakdown that is followed up by a slowed down sound that gives the listeners the time to focus on the guitar work. “Harbinger” ends by the song slowly fading out.

The following track to “Harbinger” is “Desolate.” This song skips the slowness that the previous song had, because right from the beginning they barrage you with a heavy deathcore sound. The song’s pace is very quick and the guitar work is a bit more technical. The vocals are similar as the previous song, but that is not a bad thing, due to Cody’s vocals being awesome. Hell! Everyone plays their instruments so well in this song, that is why this is my favorite song on the album. The song ends off with a progressive guitar tone overlapping a djent-like guitar tone with low screams.

This album is pretty fucking good, and probably one of my top favorite EPs for the year. I think it is underrated and was overshadowed by a lot of bigger releases this year. Also, it being released very early in 2013 doesn’t help its case. I recommend that any fan of deathcore or progressive deathcore to check out Emissary. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of Nexilva or Slice The Cake, you’ll more than likely like this band too.

Score: 4/5

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