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Echoes of a Nightmare – Ashes of Remembrance [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal
I honestly did not know what to expect from Echoes of a Nightmare’s album Ashes of Remembrance. Man, was I pleasantly surprised. It is a combination of symphonic death metal, melodic death metal, and deathcore. Though the deathcore is very subtle and barely noticeable. The symphonic and melodic elements are very prevalent. This is a good fucking album. Also, it has seven tracks and about 30 minutes worth of listening materials.
“Descending” is the second song off of this album. The pace is very upbeat and face from start to finish. The instrumentals are very melodic, symphonic, and heavy. The one thing you can notice the most is that there are a lot of blast beats, I mean, a ton of them. The symphonic sounds are prevalent and well placed throughout the song, so they are not overdone or the only thing you can hear in the song. Same goes for the melodic parts, those are mixed in well enough so they don’t stray the song away from its path. Everything just works very well together in this song. Vocals are high screams, low screams, and some pig squeals. The high screams are the main vocal style used, while the low screams and pig squeals and used in certain parts of the song. The high screams sound similar to screams you would hear in a black metal song. Overall, this is an awesome song.
The sixth song is “This Empty Embrace” and the pace of this song is roughly the same as “Descending” has. The instrumentals are about the same too, but there are more melodic parts added in and less symphonic parts. The vocals are the biggest difference between this song and “Descending,” and this is due to the clean vocals added it. The clean vocals are well done and add to the “epicness” of the song itself. In all honestly, I didn’t know the vocalist was a female until this song. But, that really makes no difference. Other than the clean vocals, the vocals are still good as they were in previous songs. Overall, again, an awesome song.
Ashes of Remembrance is definitely something I would recommend to someone who enjoys symphonic death metal, melodic death metal, or just plain death metal. It is very, very good, and is one of those great albums that are overlooked and/or not too known. So! Definitely give this album a listen or a purchase!

Score: 4.5/5

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