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Down To A Deathmatch – Diseases & Cures [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Hardcore / Metalcore
Down To A Deathmatch’s debut album Diseases & Cures is a combination of a few genres; hardcore, beatdown, metalcore, and hardcore punk/punk rock. The combination of beatdown hardcore and punk is a nice touch. Diseases & Cures seems to be an anti-Government album, so it reflects what Down To A Deathmatch is roughly about.

“Crime State” is the introduction song and at first it is pretty slow, but has a breakdown or two to break up the bleakness. However, half way through the song, vocals come in and the song really starts to pick up. The sound and pace is very upbeat and “in your face,” sounding very similar to hardcore punk/punk rock. The vocals are shouting vocals, not really screams that you would typically hear in metalcore/deathcore. The instrumentals are well done and everything seems to fit perfectly together in this song. 

The following song is “The Revenge of Johnny Bartlett” and it has a similar sound and pace that “Crime State” has. But the introduction is not slow starting, as it jumps right at you from the get-go with guitars and shouting. This song has a bit more guitar chugging, and feels a bit more grittier as well. Further, there is a bit of melodic feel to it as well. However, the end of the song seems to be too drawn out.

Diseases & Cures is a decent album. It really isn’t my style of music, as everyone is aware I am more a deathcore/death metal kind of guy. However, there are some good songs on this album and the overall feel to it is gritty, tough, and seeps with anti-authority. So, if you’re into hardcore punk, punk rock, hardcore, etc. Then you should check out this album. It is free to listen to on their Bandpage, and a hard copy of their album is only one euro!

Score: 3/5

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