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Disrupting The Abacus – Backglade [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Progressive Deathcore
Disrupting The Abacus’s single “Backglade” is one of the singles coming from their full length album The Arrival; which is set to release in 2014. “Backglade” is a pretty good song. It has a lot of progressive sounds mixed in with some melodic elements. The pace of the song is very upbeat and is something you would definitely bop your head to. 
The instrumentals stick to progressive tones, some guitar chugging thrown in some parts, and some melodic sounds. This combination works really well in this song. The vocals have a good amount of variety. Jason, the vocalist, uses low screams, high screams, mid screams, pig squeals, and some gutturals in some parts of the song. 
All in all, this song is pretty good. It has a lot of different elements instrumentally and the variety of the vocals help top off this awesome track. I really look forward to their full length, The Arrival, in 2014 and I hope that every song is as good, if not better, than this song. So! If you’re into progressive deathcore, melodic deathcore, or just plain old deathcore, check out this track!

Score: 4/5

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