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Review: Dischordia – Sources EP

Dischordia is a 4 piece progressive death metal band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sources EP is their latest effort, released in March of 2015. Sources EP can be listened to and purchased on BandcampSources EP was a different kind of EP: it has a parody track that is not really metal at all and it has three killer tracks. Different vocals are to be expected on this EP.

Tracks one and two are hard-hitting songs that have an Ingested feel. They’re both heavy and both mean, what more could one ask for? The riffs are fat and the drums are eager to pummel. I really liked the shredding guitar solo on “Three Dimensional Defect.” It gave a classic feel to the song and makes “Three Dimensional Defect” a well rounded death metal song.

“All the World is Mad” kicks your teeth in immediately by the intro then settles a bit, but not enough to stop the bleeding. When you’re finally able to collect your teeth, “All the World is Mad” turns around to slam your head into the wall. The sudden brutality in the end is the sort of spark more metal songs need, in my opinion. It gets you excited, calms you down a bit, then brings the heat.

Vocals covered in agony and anger claw through shred-styled riffs and frantic fret attacks. They contrast greatly to the other songs because the other songs had a low growl. “Sugar Coated Sour” is the root of this bittersweet agony that is Sources EP . Frantic is the best word for this song, but it’s extraneous style is what makes “Sugar Coated Sour” so nice.

Quite a short EP, but it was nice while it lasted. I did not enjoy the final track (as it is more focused on the lyrics), but that is purely a personal preference. Sources EP was fun: heavy, unique, and entertaining. The production was nice and the guitar tone was appropriate for what was being played. I would like to see more from Dischordia in the future.

Did you listen to this EP? Did you enjoy it? Do you agree with my review?

Rate: 7.7/10

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