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Dethrone The Sovereign – Autocracy Dismantled [REVIEW]

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Genre: Progressive Deathcore / Symphonic Death Metal
Dethrone The Sovereign’s debut EP, Autocracy Dismantled, has six songs and is about 20 minutes in length. Autocracy Dismantled has a lot of different sounds and elements, and I believe this EP stands apart from the rest of the progressive deathcore albums released this year (thus far). It has a symphonic, death metal, relaxing feel to it; however, it does not stray away from the crushing deathcore sound.
The introduction track “The Manchurian Waltz” shows Dethrone The Sovereign’s symphonic side the most, as the whole song is filled with symphonic and melodic sounds. Violins, drums, guitars, piano, and other instruments are heard throughout the song, and they all work very well together. This song is perfect to start out this album, as it prepares the listener for something great.
“Transhuman” is the third track on this album, and has a more ambient sound compared to the previous tracks before it. Ambient sounds play throughout the song until around a minute, then Nick’s guitar breaks in accompanying the high screams of Carson. A well placed breakdown at 1:40 gives breakdown lovers something to enjoy. The remainder of the song continues with a melodic/symphonic sound, but with a heavy deathcore sound Dethrone The Sovereign does so well.
The interlude of this album “Autocracy Dismantled” is filled mainly with symphonic sounds, like the piano and what I believe is a wooden guiro (not entirely sure). At around :30 the guitars break with a very melodic sound and a breakdown ends the interlude.
The final track on this album and my personal favorite is “Oblivious To Consequence.” It is very fast-paced, and very “in your face” deathcore. Dethrone The Sovereign strays away from the symphonic sound they had in previous songs with this song, and goes for a straight deathcore/death metal sound. However, they do not stray far with a small break of piano at around 2:45; which then leads into a guitar solo at 3:00. This song definitely shows why they consider themselves progressive deathcore, because the progressive sound in this song is very prevalent.
Autocracy Dismantled is one of the best EPs thus far to be released in 2013, hands down, and is definitely in my top five for the year. It is filled with everything I could want from a progressive deathcore band, and then some. If Ovid’s Withering had a child, that child would be Dethrone The Soverign. I highly recommend this EP to anyone who is a fan of Ovid’s Withering, Scorned Deity, or is just a fan of symphonic and progressive deathcore.

Score: 5 / 5

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  • Anonymous on

    Never heard anything quite like it. They’re not afraid to do their own thing . . . and it works. I got a prerelease and I have to agree – “Oblivious to Consequence” is in your face, except for the couple of moments when it is not, then it is in your face again. Good job guys. I’ll be looking for more. The t-shrit and poster are great merch.

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