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Dead Reckoning – Volition [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Hardcore / Deathcore
Dead Reckoning’s album Volition brings you a combination of heavy-hitting hardcore and deathcore. It is stupidly heavy, and is the kind of music you would want to be playing when you’re giving the beatdown to someone. It is the kind of music you mosh to at concerts; the kind of shit you pump your shoulders to.
The third song on Volition is “The War At Your Front Door” and it starts with police sirens and drums playing. It transitions into a heavy breakdown and a “BLEGH” can be heard. The sound of this song is mostly chugging guitars, drums, mostly low screams and sometimes high screams. The low screams are the hardcore kind of style, so false chord screams (I’m pretty sure?). The high screams are the deathcore style of high screams. There is one break in the song at 2:00 that is mostly instrumentals with little vocals. The song goes back into it’s normal chuggy deathcore/hardcore sound soon thereafter to end out of the song.

The following song is “Time Out For Meph'” and it starts out guitars and low screams, less chuggy sound compared to the previous song. The sound of the song is a little bit more upbeat than “The War At Your Front Door” as well. The beat gives you the feeling of wanting to bop your head, or tap your feet, to it. The song changes a bit throughout into the more chuggy guitar song, but this is not entirely a bad thing. Dead Reckoning does the guitar chugging sound well. The song speeds up quite a bit to end the song out.

If I had to describe Dead Reckoning’s album Volition in one word, that would be would be ‘heavy.’ It takes the deathcore style and combines it with the hard-hitting beatdown hardcore sound, and gives you one hell of an album. The high screams remind of me old Chelsea Grin and A Future Corrupt a bit, but the low screams remind of old Suffokate (before Ricky). The tone and sound is just raw guitar chugging, though it is typically shunned, it sounds great here. So, if you’re into heavy deathcore, beatdown hardcore, or all of the above; check out Volition. It’s free to download, so check it out.

Score: 4/5

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