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Dead Bread – Hatred Slice [REVIEW]

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Genre(s): Death Metal / Deathcore
Dead Bread’s first album, and their introduction to the underground metal community, Hatred Slice is something that should not be overlooked. They have a strong death metal sound and feel to them, and have some deathcore influences sprinkled in. Dead Bread’s vocals sound very similar to Lamb of God’s vocalist Randy Blythe, which is something that really stands out throughout the entire EP. Hatred Slice is four tracks in length and has about 15 minutes worth of listening material.

“Call Out” is the second song off of this album. This song is very upbeat and very fast. It’s like getting hit in the face with a bag of rocks from start to finish. The instrumentals used in this song sounds more like modern death metal than anything, with some guitar riffs and guitar solos that are well placed throughout the song. Vocally, the vocalist sticks to false chord style of vocals with mid screams, not really varying to the lower or higher type of screams. Also, not to forget, this track features Jacek Hiro from Across The Ashes as well.

The fourth and final song off of this EP is “Walk The Path” and it has a very similar sound to what “Call Out” has. This being the pace and sound being very upbeat and very fast. Though it is not much different than the other songs on the album, the sound Dead Bread portrays is very well done. The vocals used in this song are just about the same as the vocals used in “Call Out” as well. Instrumentally, it is very fast and upbeat, this song barrages you with death metal goodness from beginning to end, with no breaks in between. 
Hatred Slice is a very solid death metal album. I do wish there was more songs on it, as I am not a fan of good bands putting out short albums. It being only four tracks is about the only gripe I have with Hatred Slice. If you’re into death metal, like Lamb of God, or even deathcore, you should check out this album. It’s free to download on their Bandcamp, or you can purchase it in digipak form through their Facebook! 
Score: 4.5/5
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