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Dan Watson Reveals Why He Quit Infant Annihilator

Many have asked since Dan left Infant Annihilator, to later start his own band, Enterprise Earth (which has an album coming out here soon that you should check out). Finally, he provided an answer.

He revealed earlier today, from his Facebook, this:

Here it is. Every Infant Annihilator fan that ever messages me always asks me why I quit the band. For a long time I dodged the question and because of that I feel like I never completely moved on. A part of me feels like I owe it to the fans to let them know why I left. I left the band because I didn’t feel like an equal in the band. I live in the U.S while the other guys live on the other side of the planet. After we released the album and it blew up I realized I felt like I didn’t belong. To them I just did vocals. I felt easily replaceable like there wasn’t anything special about me. Deep inside I knew I was a part of the success. I put so much into that record and watched them reap all the rewards. When people think I.A. they think Aaron and Eddie. I felt like my talent was wasted and used. So I decided to leave. Why continue to work hard and waste my talent for someone else to reap the benefits. When you’re in a band, every member should be an equal shareholder. Not only that, I had to prove to myself that they’re not the only reason why Infant Annihilator was a success. I had to prove to myself that I was an equal contributor to that success. I had to sacrifice everything in my life to pursue this. Music is my pursuit of happiness in life and I have to prove to myself that I can do this on my own.That’s why I left. I have to pave my own path on this earth.
My legacy is still unwritten.

What he does say is kinda right. When someone brings up Infant Annihilator, they’re thinking Eddie or Aaron, not so much Dan (no offense to Dan). So I could understand why he’d leave IA, to pursue his own endeavors with a band he could receive better recognition for. Either way, I’m glad we (the fans) at least have an answer now.

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  • Kerykejon on

    well, sure that explain much, but i see this that way,that’s bullshit, if u wanna be a recognized and good artist(musican) u need work hard and very well with pepole with whom you have these same mindblowing music taste. IA was great idea something new and deepfuck like hell.

    live long and happy but think about reunion cuntcount

    • Dende on

      Are you blind dude? He stated everything you did and explained why he left. He obviously understands he worked hard and was part of the reason that album succeeded in the way that it did, but he felt like it was for nothing since he received little to no recognition. Learn to read before making dumb comments dude.

  • Zarius on

    men that is deep now as like one of your biggest fans i cant say i am the biggest one but i fell like it your the reason i do my vocals the way i do i am inspired by you and i wish IA never broke up still one of my favorite bands but im with you bro if that was how you were felling you did the right thing and enterprise earth men that is some awesome shit dude you have a different fell to you its like you came back more pissed and energized keep that up never hang your head down continue what your doing and just know that your being supported by your real fans look up me and my buddy Gavin’s band its called Raped By Yetis were pretty OK right now were going through some difficulty’s but were trying to pull through hopefully one day i can do a ft on one of your songs that would be so fucking awesome or if we meet during tour dude id kill to ft in one of your songs or just like meet you men just stay up and keep on doing what your doing there is nothing wrong with what you did IA and anyone else that thinks its wrong can go fuck themselves your the shit and i completely understand you bro Enterprise Earth.

  • WightKid on

    I personally liked his work in Enterprise Earth more anyway, but it would be awesome if Dan would do something with IA again in the future

  • Ben on

    There’s always two sides to every coin.. Anyway, you did a fu***** amazing job Dan, some of the best I’ve ever heard! I hope you’ll reconcile, IA is mindblowing..!!!

  • Malurk jonson on

    What a bitch ass diva.. It’s not about you Dan. The other members have more “talent” than you can conceive of, that’s why they were and are recognized. Your dumb ass was lucky to be in the fucking band! And you blew it!! If they put out material without vocals it will actually be better.. or if they get a better vocalist it will progress. Either way it will be better and your “destiny” will be fraught with failure.

    • Mark on

      I think you helped prove Dan’s point…

  • KBenoit on

    Man, this is such a stupid reason to quit the band in my opinon…
    To me, I actually always thought of Dan Watson when I thought Infant Annihilator because he has such unique vocals and does so many guest vocals that I was always being reminded of him and I.A. (I wasn’t sure why he wasn’t in the music videos until I later learned they’re from the U.K. and he’s from the U.S.)
    It would’ve been great to see all three of them together when he was still in the band!

  • John on

    You have the best gutturals ever and your high scream sound fucking dangerous and you left. Aaron is a bloody machine on the drums, literally, like his snare sounds like a machine gun and Eddie plays the most fastest and most brutal sweeps ever but if there was anyone that I would choose to be the vocalist for Infant Annihilator then it would be you Dan Watson. Dickie is really good but I started listening to Infant Annihilator because of you Screams and growls. Anal prolapse suffocation is my favourite song from you guys and who screamed that??? Oh that’s right, YOU DID. So please do us a favour and rejoin the band. If the two don’t appreciate you then they would of never had you. Infant Annihilator is the best band in the world and people are fucking annoying when they say shit like, “Infant Annihilator is gay”, “Infant Annihilator is too loud” “They just sound like noise”. Fuck them, people are disappointed that you left Infant Annihilator for another band that you made called Enterprise Earth. Enterprise isn’t bad but Infant Annihilator was brutal so if you want to owe it to the fans Dan then rejoin Infant Annihilator and make the best album you can. PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE

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